Wholly Guacamole – Wait! I forgot a side dish!

I’ve made breakfast, lunch, dinner and (with only some success) dessert with my Wholly Guacamole loot.  What about a side dish?  It is summer.  Summer calls for potato salad.  What if I swapped some of the mayo out for some Wholly Guac?  I thought it would be fantastic!  I wasn’t wrong.
I don’t have a recipe for potato salad.  I picked up some tricks from potato salads others have made and find I like but I think I make it differently every time.

I start with grilled potatoes!  I learned this delicious trick from Madd Joe at Madd Joe’s BBQ.  He makes one awesome potato salad!  It’s addicting.  You can’t stop eating it!  I have the recipe for that somewhere I think….but on to my potato salad!
I like onions, celery and potatoes in my potato salad.  Ok, I like hard boiled eggs too but my hubby doesn’t so I usually leave those out.
I started with a little mayo mixed with some fruit fresh.  That’s a trick I learned from Dave Anderson of Famous Dave’s BBQ fame.  I thought it might keep the avocado from browning in the salad.  To that I added my onion, celery and a good dose of salt and pepper.  Then I added in my potatoes and the key ingredient, the Wholly Guacamole.
Not only does this look delicious, it tastes delicious!  You get the nice smoky grilled flavor of the potatoes, great crunch from the onions and celery and the creamy, spicy, avocado flavor from the Guacamole!  I think this is going to be a standard ingredient in my potato salad from now on!  I asked my husband to try it, not telling him what was in it.  I wish I could have captured the look on his face!  I’m not sure what he was expecting but he really liked it.  He looked at me and said “that’s good!” in a tone that implied he didn’t think it would be!  No more mayo-only potato salad for us!

BUT WAIT!  If potato salad tastes this good, what would egg salad taste like?!  I had to try it.  No more mustard for me in my egg salad!  Wholly Guacamole Spicy Guacamole is my new favorite ingredient in egg salad too!  What a great kick!  I cooled it off with a nice piece of butter lettuce.

Oh what can I make next?!

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