Garganelli with Grape Tomatoes

We went to Farmer's Market yesterday.  You can find us there almost every Saturday morning.  I love the fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other foods we can get there.  I also love that everything at the St. Paul Farmer's market is local!

The grape tomatoes were too pretty to pass up so I bought two trays of them.  When I got home I realized that was a lot of tomatoes!  My usual uses for them are on my favorite breakfast (an English muffin slathered with spicy Wholly Guacamole, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil and a poached egg) or a caprese salad.

They had fresh garlic too!  Isn't it beautiful?  And it is so fragrant when I'm in the kitchen it makes me hungry!

Yesterday was unusually cold for Minnesota.  I'm not sure it even got out of the 60's and it's almost August!  I wanted something hot and hearty for dinner so I decided on pasta with tomatoes and garlic.

I had some garganelli from the Olive Grove, one of my favorite pastas!

This was a snap to put together.  I got my pasta cooking and while that was going I heated some olive oil in a pan and added some sliced fresh garlic.  

I sauteed that for just a couple of minutes then filled the pan with those beautiful tomatoes.  After tossing them to coat them with the oil, I put the lid on and let it sit.  After just a few minutes the tomatoes started to split.

After a few more minutes it was starting to look like a sauce and my pasta was al dente.

I added the pasta to the tomatoes and a little bit of the pasta water.  I let that simmer so the pasta could finish cooking while I browned up some of that spicy Applegate Andouille sausage we've become addicted to.

The final ingredients were some freshly grated Parmesan cheese and fresh basil from my herb garden.

I put all this in the beautiful pasta bowl my sister-in-law gave me.  I'm sure it will work out just fine if you don't have one of these bowls!

Not only is this a pretty dish (the pasta not the bowl!) it is super easy to throw together.  It took about 20 minutes start-to-finish!  I love the fresh tomato flavor.  You just don't get that out of a can.  The fresh garlic is sweeter than that we get later in the season.  Next time I may add even more garlic.  Mix those flavors with fresh sweet basil and salty Parmesan and you have one delicious bite!

I served it with a loaf of dutch oven bread from Rhulman's 20.  THAT was good.  Just before baking he has you rub the bread with olive oil then sprinkle it with salt.  Dave and I loved the salty bread!  It wasn't overly salty, just perfectly salty with a good slathering of butter!

Dinner didn't end there.  It's also blueberry season here and I picked up a bunch of beautiful blueberries at Farmer's Market too!  For dessert we had blueberry crisp!

I found a recipe that makes just two servings.  It was simple and perfect!  This recipe is going in the file!  The blueberries are so sweet right now!

Blueberry Crisp for Two


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