Candy Bar Cake!

The latest edition of FoodNetwork Magazine had this fun "candy bar cake" in it.  Well, I just had to make it.

Here's a LINK to the recipe.  I made it exactly like this this first time.  Next time I'd make my own pound cake (store purchased is ... well .. just not as good) and I'd use my recipe for chocolate butter cream in the middle and I'd add more peanuts!

You start with a rack in a rimmed sheet pan.  When I first saw this I thought, how do you get it to a serving dish?  Never fear, read the directions, they say you can use a small piece of cardboard to move the cake later.  I did appreciate this set up when putting the ganache on the cake!

Trim the rounded edges and top off the pound cake then slice it in half lengthwise.

You "glue" the two halves together with a chocolate butter cream.

Then frost just the top with the butter cream.  I found their frosting very hard to work with.  It was very stiff and didn't want to stick to the cake (I didn't want to thin it out because I didn't know if that was key to the cake).  Turns out it's not.

This then goes in the freezer for 30 minutes.  Again, with as stiff as that frosting was I don't think this step was even necessary!

While the cake is setting up in the freezer you mix dry roasted peanuts with Dulce de leche.  Try not to eat just a little of that with a spoon!

When the cake comes out add the layer of Dulce de leche and peanuts and back in the freezer it goes (I used the frig, my freezer just isn't that big).

The ganache is easy just chocolate and butter.   Next time I wouldn't put the cake in the frig before adding this.  The cake was so cold the ganache hardened  before I could really get it where I wanted it!

Let that set up in the frig and voila, a candy bar cake!

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