Strawberry Shortcake!

Those of you who know me know I'm mostly a "from scratch" baker and cook.  I use very, very few mixes or prepared foods.

This week one of my favorite places to shop, The Golden Fig, on Grand Avenue in St. Paul got in some amazingly beautiful strawberries, ripe right to the stem!  I just had to have some.  When I went to pick them up, right there with them were bags of Cannon River Kitchens shortcake mix.  I haven't made shortcake in a long time.  I prefer the "biscuit" variety over angel food cake.  I'm not really an angel food cake fan, neither is my husband.  These looked like the would be "biscuity" and how much easier can you get then add butter and water and bake.  I bought a bag.

Tonight was the night.  I decided to make the shortcake and use the very last of those beautiful strawberries.

These couldn't be easier, mix with water and melted butter, place on a greased cookie sheet, bake 15 minutes, enjoy.

Mine took about 17 minutes.  I was expecting them to brown a bit more.  After 17 minutes I checked the bottoms and they were nicely browned so I considered them done.

I let them cool just a little while I mixed up the strawberries with some vanilla sugar.

I opted for the more traditional whipped cream with mine.  My husband wanted both ice cream and whipped cream!  They looked beautiful.

But how did they taste?  Were they as good as scratch?  Well, I would say they were very good.  They came out nice and crispy on the outside and the inside melted in my mouth the way a good biscuit should.  They were just slightly sweet, just the way I prefer them!  Were they as good as my homemade?  I don't know, I haven't made homemade in so long!  I'm going to say probably not, but darn close and for as easy as they were I'll probably pick up another bag this week to keep on hand for that last minute dessert!  

And even better, they are made right here in Minnesota, Red Wing in fact!

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