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I love Wholly Guacamole.  Love it.  I eat it on just about anything, especially the spicy version.  Probably my favorite thing to put it on is eggs.  Haven't tried it?  I think you should.  My favorite is a homemade English muffin topped with Spicy Wholly Guac, basil, tomatoes and a perfectly poached egg!  Heaven on a plate!

I happened to share this heaven with the great folks at Wholly Guacamole and guess what!  II got a note from a "Guac Squad Squawker" letting me know that they wanted to feature me in their newsletter where they feature a fan of their Facebook page.  I will be the first!  How exciting is that?!

Want to see the newsletter when it comes out?  Sign up HERE!  Once you sign up you will receive their newsletter and some great coupons for Wholly Guacamole products so you too can guac up your meals!

Here is the winning picture!  This is my favorite breakfast!


In addition to making me famous in their newsletter they sent me something really amazing, an entire cooler full of Wholly Guac products!

I'll admit, pretty much the only Wholly Guacamole products we eat are the Spicy Wholly Guac and the regular Wholly Guac when we can't get the spicy.  I love the 100 Calorie packs because they are just enough for the two of us.  I love it on eggs as I already mentioned.  We put it on fish tacos, burgers, and have you tried guacamole on a BLT?  Check out my "Build a Better BLT" post from a while ago.  Delicious!

Build a Better BLT with Wholly Guac and a Bacon Matt

Since I had so many products to try, I decided I'd do Wholly Guacamole Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert!  This post is breakfast and lunch.  Stay tuned for dinner and dessert!

You've already seen my favorite Wholly Guacamole breakfast.  Put it on eggs!  Dave likes his scrambled, I like mine poached, it doesn't matter, Wholly Guac works!  Dave's favorite is a scrambled mess of peppers, sausage, cheese and eggs topped with spicy Wholly Guac.

Yesterday I made a Wholly Guac lunch.  There's a place in Hudson, WI called San Pedro Cafe.  They have the most amazing lettuce wrap appetizer.  I decided I would make my version of this great dish.  

I used butter lettuce, chicken, shrimp, peppers, cheddar cheese and a Wholly Guacamole product we'd never tried before, Guacamole and Spicy Pico.  I will admit trepidation with this product.  There was lots of little green stuff in the pico and cilantro was in the ingredient list.  I don't like cilantro.  No, that's not quite correct, I hate cilantro.  It tastes like soap and I can pick out the smallest quantities of it in most foods.  I was nervous this would be so "cilantro-y" I wouldn't like it, but I had to at least try it, right?
I coated some chicken breast, shrimp and peppers with a chipotle olive oil from my favorite Olive Oil supplier, The Olive Grove Olive Oil Company in Mendota Heights and tossed them on a nice hot grill.

While they were grilling I shredded some sharp cheddar cheese from our favorite dairy, Eichten's, and washed up some butter lettuce.

The assembly was quick and easy.  To a nice piece of butter lettuce I added a few slices of the grilled peppers, a couple slices of grilled chicken and a couple shrimp.  I topped this with the Guacamole & Spicy Pico.  Well, that's not completely correct.  I had Dave taste it first.  Was there too much cilantro?  Would I not like it?  Should I just put my old stand by spicy guac on my lunch?

Dave said he couldn't taste much cilantro.  But he always says that.  His next reaction was "it's HOT."  This is not a bad thing.  Though we live in Minnesota, we're not true Minnesotans, we like spice!  So I tried it.  Hey Mikey I like it!  It was HOT but it was delicious.  Not just heat but good pepper flavor and mixed with the guacamole in the bottom of the container it was a perfect mix!

Back to the assembly now I could put the Guacamole and Spicy Pico on my wraps too!  A dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese we were ready for lunch!

Not only do these look delicious, they tasted delicious.  The heat from the pico was cooled by the sour cream and guacamole.  There was good crunch from the peppers and lettuce and who doesn't love grilled chicken and shrimp, especially when it's been grilled with chipotle olive oil?  We now have another Wholly Guacamole product that will be stocked in our refrigerator!  THANK YOU WHOLLY GUACAMOLE!
Next Dinner and Dessert!

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