Pizza on the grill!

I own three of Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François' Artisan Bread books.  One of my favorite is the Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day.  It is a very rare occassion that I don't have a tub of pizza dough in the refrigerator!  On nights when I'm home late from work, have a big baking order or am just too tired to "cook" it is my go-to meal.  I can even stay on Weight Watchers with this pizza!

I've always made it in the oven, on my stone, at 500 degrees. Well, this weekend it was a bit toasty outside and I didn't really want to heat up the oven so I decided to try it on the grill.  I've attended cooking classes where Jeff has just thrown the dough on the grill and it works just great, but I still had visions of the dough falling through the grates and making one heck of a mess.  Oh well, I could always heat up the oven, right?

So I prepped some toppings, made my crusts on my peel and headed out to the grill.

Guess what?  The dough doesn't fall through the grates!  It cooks fast enough (this is on a medium-hot grill, not searing hot) that it holds together.  After maybe 5 minutes I turned the dough over so I could add my toppings!

Toppings added I closed the grill and waited "patiently" for another maybe 5 minutes (ok, I peeked a couple of times) and here's the result!

I even let Dave make one!

This pizza is delicious.  I think I like it better than in the oven because of the little bit of char on the bottom.  We'll definitely be grilling our pizza this summer rather than having the oven compete with the air conditioning!

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