Wholly Guacamole Dinner!

I received a fabulous box of goodies from Wholly Guacamole last week.  I decided I was going to use those goodies to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert to show the range of these amazing products.  And no, they aren’t paying me!  My hubby and I are huge fans of Wholly Guacamole.   We live in Minnesota.  Getting good, fresh avocados year round is impossible.  Getting good, fresh Wholly Guacamole is easy!

I’ve already told you about breakfast and lunch.  If you haven’t read that, click HERE.
A week or so ago we tried an enchilada recipe by Ree Drummond.  We really liked it but Dave and I agreed, we thought we’d prefer a green sauce to the red.  Lucky for us, one of the items sent to me was a package of Avocado Verde Salsa!  We also thought we’d prefer a protein other than hamburger in the enchiladas.  Lucky for us again, that morning at Farmer’s Market we were able to snag a beautiful pork tenderloin from our friends at Otis Family Farm.

I used Ree’s trick of thickening the sauce with a little roux of flour and oil.  I added the green salsa and a little chicken broth and let that simmer while I prepped the rest of the ingredients.  I threw the pork tenderloin on the grill for a few minutes to get some nice caramelization I didn’t think I’d get in a saut√© pan.  While it was on the grill, I started sweating some onions, chopping some green onions and shredding some sharp cheddar cheese.

I diced up the pork (it was not cooked all the way through, just enough to get some nice char on the outside) and threw it in with the onions, then added green chilies.

Once that was all heated through I was ready for assembly.

I dipped each corn tortilla in the sauce, topped it with the pork, onions and cheese, rolled them up and put them in a baking dish.  When the dish was full I poured the remaining sauce over the enchiladas and the, of course, added just a bit more cheese.

After about 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven we had dinner!  I topped them with a little sour cream and just a dollop of some Wholly Guacamole Spicy Guacamole.   We had some of those great Famous Dave’s cornbread muffins left.  They went perfectly with this dish.

WOW!  These were delicious if I do say so myself.  Pork was the perfect meat.   It gave the enchiladas a bit more texture than the ground beef and not much beats the meaty flavor of grass fed, free range happy pork that has been seared on the grill!  The salsa had that sweet flavor of green chili and just enough heat.  All this goodness wrapped up in a Wholly Guacamole Green "Enchilada" sauce soaked corn tortilla... well... we loved them!

They were so good my husband asked me to add an egg to a couple of left over enchiladas for breakfast!  And lucky for me there were just two more left for me to take in my lunch the next day.  We cannot get enough of these enchiladas!

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