Preserving Herbs with Olive Oil

My herb garden is going gangbusters this year.  We can't consume the herbs fast enough!  I had heard that you can freeze the herbs in olive oil using an ice cube tray and then pull them out and use them later.  I decided to test this theory!

I had to buy an ice cube tray since we're lucky enough to have an ice maker in our refrigerator.  Love the dollar store!

I harvested my herbs, basil, sage, tarragon and rosemary and filled my ice cube tray as best I could.  I then added olive oil.  Each compartment took about 2 tablespoons of oil.

Into the freezer they went.  After several hours they were frozen.  It was pretty cool.  I put each herb in its own Ziploc bag and labeled it, then put all the little bags in one big freezer bag.

The test would be how did it work when cooking and how did things taste.  Would the herbs still taste as good?

It took me a few weeks to get back to using my preserved herbs (it's still summer, I am still harvesting from my garden!).  I had some ricotta gnocchi that I thought would be delicious with some fried sage.

I pulled out my bag of preserved sage and dropped a cube in a pan on medium heat.

I added my boiled gnocchi along with some steamed broccoli and fresh peas I picked up at Farmer's Market and some Applegate Spicy Andouille Sausage.


I could tell from the smell things were going to be good and it was.  The olive oil was now infused with the sage flavor.  It was simple and delicious and I can now have fresh herbs all winter!

I've heard you can dry herbs in the microwave.  I may try that next so if I'm in need of an herb without oil I have some!

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