Pear & Pecorino Ravioi with Toasted Walnuts

Williams Sonoma posted this recipe on their Facebook page.   I love to make ravioli and this was different from any filling I've done before so I decided to try it.

Here is a link to the recipe:
Pear & Pecorino Ravioli with Walnuts

I decided to use the Williams Sonoma recipe for pasta.  I was making a Williams Sonoma main dish and a Williams Sonoma bread to go with the ravioli so I might as well go all the way.

I did the past "old school" rather than in my Kitchenaid.  This is how my grandmother taught me to make it, with the eggs in a well in the flour and to gradually incorporate it by hand.

The recipe didn't call for a rest for the dough but I've never not rested dough so I gave it a rest while I made the filling.

The filling is a mixture of pears, pecorino romano cheese, marscapone cheese (YUM) and parsley.  I didn't go to the grocery store that would have had a chunk of romano cheese so I bought pre-shredded. 

The recipe says to peel and core the pears.  If you ever wondered if your Pampered Chef apple corer would core pears, it will.

The recipe then calls for shredding the pears on the fine side of a box grater.  I don't own a box grater.  I have a mandolin with a grating blade for small jobs, I have a grating blade for my food processor for big jobs and I have a variety of microplanes for very small jobs.  For this job I used the mandolin then chopped the pear finer so it looked like what I would think it should look like after going through the small holes of a box grater.  It worked!

The filling is mixed together then the fun part!  Toys!  I love my ravioli presses!  They were a gift from a very good friend several years ago and I can't imagine going back to "old school" ravioli making!

I also got to use my pasta roller attachment for my Kitchenaid.  For ravioli I like a #5 thickness.  One piece of dough is placed over the press, the holes are filled and another layer of dough is added on top.  I press out any extra air bubbles then use a rolling pin to seal the ravioli.

I love how perfect they look!

I had just a little dough and a little filling left so I made a few the old way so I didn't waste anything!

These have to sit in the frig for a couple of hours, during which I made flatbread!  You can check that out HERE.

These finish up very quickly, just boil them for a few minutes then toss them in some melted butter.   A little of the pasta cooking water is added to make a nice sauce for the ravioli.  Finally a little parsley and some toasted walnuts are added.  It's beautiful!

The pasta was perfect and I did like this ravioli.  The first bite is interesting.  Even knowing what was in it I wasn't ready for fruit in the filling.  I got over that however and took many more bites!   I served the ravioli with the suggested flatbread and some tomatoes I macerated in balsamic.


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