National Chocolate Cake Day

Supposedly today is National Chocolate Cake Day.  Who decides these things?  Not that I mind chocolate cake day, just curious as to who the deciding body is.

For my first National Chocolate Cake Day (there may have been more of them but I think this was the first one of which I was aware) I decided to try something new.  I had pinned another Noble Pig recipe for Six Minute Chocolate Cake with Balsamic Glaze. Six minutes?  Well, the six minutes is the put it in the pan time.  It takes 30 minutes to bake, 20 minutes to cool in the pan and another 20 or so to cool completely on a rack.  And that's just the cake, not the glaze or the strawberries or the marscapone cream!

Here is a link to the recipe:
Six Minute Chocolate Cake with Balsamic Glaze

The recipe specifically states you must sift the ingredients.  Typically I would skip this step but because Cathy made a point to say it was critical for this cake, I dug out my sifter and sifted away!

The recipe also offers the option of using water or coffee.  I didn't have any coffee brewed so I used a little KAF instant espresso.

Both the batter and the glaze call for balsamic vinegar.  I had some chocolate balsamic on hand from the Olive Grove and I used that for both.

The batter is much like that of the chocolate olive oil cake I made for New Year's Eve.  It's thick and luxurious, no wimpy chocolate cake batter!

The cake bakes up beautifully!

Once the cake has cooled it is glazed.  The glaze is balsamic vinegar, sugar and chocolate!  I may have reduced the balsamic just a little too much because my glaze was very sticky!  But it looks beautiful.

With this gorgeous chocolate cake is served strawberries macerated in balsamic vinegar (chocolate infused of course) and a little sugar.  I actually found pretty nice strawberries in the middle of January in Minnesota.  No, they didn't have the flavor of a summer strawberry, but with a little sugar and chocolate balsamic they would do!

The final step is the marscapone cream.  I was going to skip this but I had some marscapone in the frig from another dish so I made it.  It's delicious!  How could it not be made from marscapone cheese, heavy cream and a little sugar?

So how was the cake?  It was good.  Not "OHMYGOD" good, but good.  It was a denser cake but still very moist.  It had great chocolate flavor too.  I'm not sure I loved the glaze as much as I wanted to, I think I would have preferred a little ganache or even just some powdered sugar.

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