Chocolate Chipotle Olive Oil Cake

We're going to visit friends tonight for New Year's Eve.  I wanted to bring a dessert I hadn't made before and thanks to The Olive Grove Olive Oil Company I found one!

Not only is this cake delicious, it's a snap to put together!  The olive oil in the cake makes it just melt in your mouth.

Here is a link to the recipe:  Chocolate Chipotle Olive Oil Cake

The cake is made with two flavors of olive oil, the Phoenician, which is a milder flavored oil and one of my personal favorites, the chipotle infused olive oil.  On top of that a little of the chocolate balsamic is added to the mix!

I said it's a snap right?  Mix the dry ingredients, cocoa, flour, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, baking soda, salt and a little cayenne for kick!  Then add the wet ingredients, milk, the oils, eggs and balsamic.  The batter is thick and luxurious.  Not like any old cake batter!

Divide the batter between two 8" round pans and bake.  Out come these beautiful layers!

The recipe called for a powdered sugar topping but I thought a ganache would be good so that's how I topped mine.

Since I was bringing this for company I decided to take one layer to one of our favorite haunts and get the staff's opinion.  They all loved it!  Dave and I agree, it's a great chocolate cake with just a little kick of heat.  It will be great with a good Cabernet and some vanilla ice cream! 


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