Lemon-cornmeal Bluberry Pancakes

It's Sunday.  We spent yesterday running errands and getting all of those "responsible adult" things done so today we were going to be lazy.  Lazy means time for a good breakfast.  Neither Dave nor I were really hungry for anything in particular and we were having a hard time deciding what we were going to have.  Dave decided on pancakes.  I decided I didn't want plain pancakes, but I wasn't in the mood for the decadent Noble Pig Pumpkin Pancakes either.

So off to my trusty Cook's Illustrated website I went.  I found this recipe and as luck would have it I had all the ingredients in the house!

You have to have a membership to Cook's Illustrated online to see the recipe.  In my opinion it's totally worth it!  I get so many recipes, product reviews and tips from that site it pays for itself over and over.  Here is a LINK to an "adapted from" version of the recipe.  I can't see a difference?

I like this recipe because it didn't call for whipping egg whites!  Just mix some fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and milk and set it aside.  Mix the dry ingredients, add the wet and voila, you have pancake batter!

So your batter doesn't turn purple, the blueberries are added on the griddle.  Aren't these beautiful?  And you could smell the lemon as they cooked!

I couldn't help myself!

And these are filling!  I should have stopped at two but I ate a third because they were so good!


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