The Nova of Hudson

Dave and I had a $100 gift card burning a hole in our pocket, part of our rebate from our recent Kitchenaid purchase.  We originally had planned on using it at Oceanaire for our anniversary but ended up going to Bayfield instead.

We decided to try a place we have been wanting to go to for some time, The Nova, in Hudson, WI.

Those of you who know us know that when in Hudson we can be found either at Barker's Bar and Grill, San Pedro Cafe or occasionally Dick's Bar.  Well, there's another place in Hudson, The Nova.

The Nova is attached to Casanova Liquors, a place Dave and I have been to because they can special order wines for us we can't buy anywhere else.  We'd just never made it over to the wine bar and restaurant part.

I have to apologize for no pictures.  I generally have my camera with me at all times.  I didn't tonight.  I wished I had it.

The building was originally Casanova Beverage Company.  They brewed beer from 1896 until prohibition.  During prohibition they stayed in business bottling soda, then after prohibition they became a distribution center.  In the late 1970's they converted part of the bottling center into a liquor store.

In 2004 The Nova opened.  The wine bar is located in one half of the old liquor store. They have over 200 bottles of wine available in bottle form and offer 30 wines by the glass.  I think you can probably find something you like!

The restaurant is small, cozy even and eclectically decorated.  Tables are mis-matched and I really want to get there on a date and time the tables with the very large chairs are available.  Again, I apologize for no pictures!  We'll go back, I'll get some!

Their wine list, as would be expected, was amazing.  We found a Seghesio Old Vine Zinfandel on the list so we had to have that.  Of course, after ordering, opening and drinking some of it Dave looked up and saw the special of the night, a Valley of the Moon Zinfandel that was on sale for $20/bottle.  Next time we'll check the specials board!

Their menu changes seasonally (every 3 months) though I don't think we'll wait that long to go back!

We decided to skip the appetizer so there would be room for dessert, though I saw several plates of the "crab cake sliders" going out.  I will have to try those at some time!

I had a tough time deciding but ended up with the Georgy Porgy, a 16 oz mint beer braised pork tenderloin with raspberry habanero preserves.  No, not braised in 16 ounces of beer, 16 ounces of pork.  Yes, I required a box!  It was amazing!  The pork was perfectly prepared and the pairing with raspberry habaneroa preserves was delicious.  There really wasn't any heat so if you don't like spicy food don't shy away from this one.  It was served with fingerling potatoes AND garlic blue mashed potatoes.  There were a few pieces of lettuce on the plate as garnish but if you want a vegetable with your dinner, you'll have to order a salad!  I'll remember that for next time.

Dave ordered the Salmon Honey, a baked salmon with a lime, honey and cilantro glaze.  His was also served with two kinds of potatoes and was also very good.  I'm not a fan of cilantro but Dave said it was delicious.

Well, we skipped the appetizer so we could have dessert and as stuffed as we were we had to order one.  We had the apple pie ala mode.  It was also very, very good!  The crust melted in your mouth and the apples were a perfect texture.

So as the food coma sets in I'm looking forward to the left over pork with some eggs and some yummy habanero aioli (we picked up at San Pedro Cafe on the way home) for breakfast tomorrow!

Check out the Nova!  I've added it to my favorite places and we'll definitely be back with the camera!

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