Barefoot Contessa Crab Cakes

I tried another recipe out of the Barefoot Contessa cookbook tonight, crab cakes!  Dave and I love crab cakes and these didn't disappoint!

Here's a LINK to the recipe.

Ina makes these as an appetizer and says the recipe makes 26 crab cakes.  I made a half batch and made them "dinner" sized so I only got 10 out of a half batch.

If you like to chop, you'll love this recipe.  You start by chopping onion, red pepper, yellow pepper, parsley and celery!  The diced veggies along with some capers, Old Bay Seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce (I used Sriracha sauce because I didn't have any Tabasco in the house, Ina recommends Tabasco), salt and pepper are sauteed until they are soft then cooled to room temperature.

The vegetable mixture is then added to a mixture of lump crab (no Mary, I didn't go catch the crab!), bread crumbs, mustard and mayonnaise.

The whole mixture is then chilled for half an hour before being made into patties and fried.  I was a little lazy and didn't leave the mixture in the refrigerator for the full 30 minutes, more like 20.  Maybe they would have been easier to patty after another 10 minutes, I don't know.  To make it easier for me I coated them in some bread crumbs to help keep them from sticking to my hands.

Ina suggests frying them in butter and a quarter cup of olive oil.  I didn't think that much oil was really necessary!  I put a couple of tablespoons at most in the pan and the crab cakes browned up very nicely!

I served them with two yummy aiolis we picked up from San Pedro Cafe today.  One is my favorite habanero aioli.  The other is a new one, pistachio lime aioli.  Both were delish!

For our side I made salad of baby spinach, Roma tomatoes, blue cheese and toasted pecans (I didn't have walnuts in the house).  I topped this with a vinaigrette made from some very yummy apple balsamic vinegar and roasted french walnut olive oil from The Olive Grove.  So good!

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