My New Gadget... I can make potato chips in my microwave!

I'll have to admit I was pretty skeptical when I saw this gadget in the Pampered Chef catalog.  I asked the person having the party if she'd ever had potato chips made in the microwave and were they good.

She'd had them at the party she went to (you know how Pampered Chef works, you go to a party, so you have a party, so you go to a party, so you have a party and on and on) and said they were good so I took the risk and bought the gadget!

Why, you ask, would I want to make potato chips in the microwave?  Well, see chips are my downfall.  If they are in the house I will eat them, all of them, even the crumbs at the bottom of the bag!  This is a perfect portion control mechanism for me.  I only make what I want to eat and they're gone.  Making more will require getting out the mandoline again, washing it (pain) and washing up the little silicone disks.  A second serving will not be worth the effort!

So what is the gadget?  It's just a couple of silicone circles with some holes poked in them.  The holes are different sizes, I'm not sure if that's relevant or not!

They are really easy to make, just slice the potatoes into thin chips.  I have a mandoline and I'm not sure of the exact thickness of my chips but they aren't see-through thin.  Place the chips on paper towels and lightly salt both sides.  Lightly salt them.  The first batch I made were way too salty!  Blot off the excess moisture and stick them in the microwave.  The directions say they should take 2 minutes.  They must have much thinner slices!  They took about 5 minutes in my microwave.

The other tip I have is not to let the salted chips sit too long before you put them in the microwave.  I had to do a couple batches and the salt brings out more and more of the moisture of the potatoes while they sit.  The second batch didn't come out any more brown, but definitely had a bit more of a scorched flavor.

The verdict?  They're good!  I've made them with both red and russet potatoes and they are a good, toasty potato chip.  I was really surprised they browned!

I can't wait to try sweet potatoes.  Apples are also supposed to be very good.  I'm also going to play with flavoring them.  I love "hint of lime" chips.  There must be a way to make these taste like that!

Want a gadget of your own?  Luckily for you I will be having another Pampered Chef Breast Cancer 3-Day Fundraiser starting November 1!  Contact me for a catalog and I'll hook you up!

We had them with burgers and roasted veggies tonight!

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