Ina's Meatloaf, Curried Couscous and Roasted Veggies!

I'm hitting this Cookbooker challenge head on!  I decided to start with Ina's turkey meatloaf, curried couscous and roasted carrots and brussels sprouts.  This is really four recipes but I'm going to combine my carrots and brussels sprouts on the same pan, and the "recipe" is identical so we'll call this three.

"Meatloaf, beatloaf, I hate meatloaf!"  Well, maybe if Randy Parker had had this meatloaf he would have liked it.

As with many Ina Garten recipes, the entree is huge in size.  This recipe calls for five, yes 5, pounds of ground turkey breast!  How many people does she feed with this thing?!  She mentions that her husband likes to have leftovers for sandwiches but really?!  I cut it in half.  Many of the other reviewers at cut it in a third, there would still be plenty of meatloaf!

You start by sauteing onions in olive oil with a little thyme.  Oh my that smells good!  Worcestershire sauce, chicken stock and tomato paste are added and the mixture is cooled to room temperature before being mixed with the turkey, breadcrumbs, and eggs.

Make a giant loaf and cover it with ketchup.  I'm not generally a fan of meatloaf covered in ketchup, neither is Dave.  That's not what we grew up with.  But I have to say with this recipe it worked.  The meatloaf was amazingly moist for being made with ground turkey breast (very little fat, 1% in fact).  This also makes it a little better for you than traditional meatloaf.

The star of the evening however, was the couscous.  OH MY!  Now this recipe isn't for those of you looking for something with 5 or fewer ingredients.  There are 16 ingredients in this couscous recipe.  But it's worth it!

I used wheat couscous, we like it better than regular.  The making of the couscous is boil water, add butter, add couscous, turn off the heat and wait 5 minutes.  That's it!

To the couscous you add a sauce made of plain yogurt olive oil, white wine vinegar, curry powder, turmeric, salt and pepper.  I have fallen in love with Mountain High yogurt and not just because General Mills owns it.  It really is good yogurt!  I used a yummy vindaloo curry from Penzey's for a good kick.

Next you grate carrots, mince parsley, slice scallions and dice a red onion.  To this mixture you add sliced almonds (I only had slivered in the house so that's what I used) and dried currants.  I did buy dried currants rather than using raisins or Craisins.  I thought I might prefer the Craisins but really the currants worked well.  They were small and you get the sweet without it overpowering your bite of couscous.

Mix all this wonderfulness together and you get a dish Dave couldn't stop eating!  It's delicious!  There is sweet from the currants, hot from the curry and crunchy from the almonds and carrots.  The parsley makes it look really pretty too!

Finally I roasted carrots and brussels sprouts.  I've roasted both of these in the past.  These "recipes" had a little twist.  The carrots were cut in diagonal slices.  I don't know that this made a difference in the flavor but it sure did make them pretty!

Ina roasts her brussels sprouts whole.  I usually cut mine in half, mostly so they will roast faster!  Well, I'm going to have to learn some patience!  These were delicious, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle with great flavor!

It was another yummy dinner and I got four entries into the Cookbooker challenge out of it!

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