Chipoltle Pulled Pork

It's crock pot season!  I thought I would share one of the easiest crock pot recipes ever, chipoltle pulled pork.

There are three ingredients, pork shoulder, kosher salt and chipoltle powder, that's it!

When I make this I make a big batch and freeze it.  It's a great, easy dinner during a busy week.

I love these Reynolds slow cooker liners.  Even after cooking all day on high, the crock pot is clean!

I trim most of the fat from the pork.  I try to get any big areas of fat off, the rest can be removed after it's cooked.

Next I rub the meat with a mixture of Kosher salt and chipoltle powder.  I use a proportion of two tablespoons salt to one tablespoon of chipoltle powder.  How much of this you will need depends on how much meat you are cooking.  I like Kosher salt over regular table salt for this because I think it makes a better rub because of the larger crystals.

Then the meat is put in the lined crock pot.  That's it.  No additional liquid is required!  The salt will pull moisture out of the pork but since it's in a crock pot, the liquid doesn't evaporate and the meat stays very moist.  I cook it on high all day, 8-10 hours depending on how much I am cooking.

The final step is to shred the pork.  I remove any remaining chunks of fat as well.  Some people put the pork back into the liquid but I find that too salty for my taste so I discard the liquid.

I pull the liner out and there is no scrubbing of the crock pot required!

Dave and I will add BBQ sauce (we like Madd Joe's) and serve this as sandwiches, or make burritos out of it.  It's also really good with some sauteed peppers and onions, a little guac and sour cream on a tortilla!

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