Lemony Chicken!

It's fairly rare that I update this blog two days in a row but I just had to share this recipe.  We are wine club members at Kenwood Vineyards and our shipment arrived this week.  With each shipment, Kenwood sends along some great recipes.

Our very favorite of all time is for their bolognese.  It calls for an entire bottle of merlot!  It is the best meat sauce and is a staple in our home.  I make big batches and freeze it.  It's amazing!

With this shipment came a recipe for Lemony Chicken.  It sounded a little like chicken saltimbocca which we love, and sounded really easy, so we decided to try it.

I made the cutlets by cutting the chicken rather than pounding it.  I will admit I consulted Cook's Illustrated on the proper technique.  I will also admit that I skipped the "freeze for 15 minutes" step and wished I hadn't.  I was able to make fairly even cutlets but a little firmer chicken would have been easier.  I've done the freezing step in the past but it was a long day at work and, well, I was hungry!

The chicken is salted and fresh sage is added.  The recipe called for three sage leaves, I like sage, I used more!

The chicken is then wrapped in prosciutto.

The recipe called for sauteing the chicken in olive oil and the sauce was a lemon sauce so I sauted it in a lemon infused EVOO (from The Olive Grove of course).  Are they beautiful or what?  (Yes, I know a little crowded in the pan but remember, I was hungry!)

The final step is to make the lemon sauce.  The chicken is kept warm (I threw it in a warmed oven, well I didn't actually throw it....) and a sauce is made from fresh lemon juice, chicken broth and a little corn starch.  I think next time I make this (and there will be a next time!) I will use my cast iron pan rather than my non-stick so there are more brown bits for the sauce!

I served the chicken with a yummy farro and tomato salad.  And, of course, with a Kenwood Merlot, the suggested pairing for this recipe.

Is it any wonder we love Kenwood?

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