Cookbooker Challenge!

Cookbooker has a new challenge and I think it's one I'm up for!

Together with all the other Cookbooker cooks, we're going to cook our way through the Barefoot Contessa's first cookbook.

Now through the end of October, for every review contributed I will be qualified to win a prize!  Three reviewers will be chosen at random will get a copy of any of Ina's other cookbooks, their choice!

Well, my copy of the book that started it all arrived today!

I've already got quite a list of recipes I want to try.  EVERYTHING we've tried out of the "how easy is that" book we've just loved so we're sure we're going to have some great eats out of this one too!

I've flipped through the book.... crab cakes, vegetable sushi, parmesan croutons (wouldn't they be yummy with Michael Symon's Tomato and Blue Cheese Soup?), curried couscous, pecan shortbread, cranberry harvest muffins and on and on!

The pictures in the book make it all look so wonderful and sprinkled throughout are little tips, tricks including lists of foods that can be "assembled" for a party!

There's even an index of the different bowls and serving dishes in the pictures and from where they were purchased!
I just love Ina Garten!  Can't wait to get started!

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