Saturday Snickerdoodles

Those of you who know me personally know that when I'm stressed I cook or bake.  When I'm crabby I clean, but stress puts me right in the kitchen!  With my employer recently announcing mega layoffs and telling us we will know if we still have a job "by June 28th" you can guess I'm a little stressed.  Dave and I have been through this before.  He was laid off twice, the last time it took him over two years to find a job that doesn't pay any more than his unemployment check did.  Yep, stressed.  Yep, in the kitchen.

I'm trying to get caught up on blogging about the new recipes I've tried.  This is the first of three I'm going to try and get to (along with a new resume, you can see which is taking priority today) this weekend.

You know by now I'm a Michael Ruhlman fan.  I have a few of his gadgets I just love.  I've read a couple of his books and I have his Ratio app!  I also follow his blog.  Earlier this week he wrote about an email he received regarding his Snickerdoodle recipe.  Apparently in a version of Ruhlman's Twenty earlier than the one I have, there was a little typo in the ingredient listing for these cookies which resulted in a less than perfect Snickerdoodle.

Dave's absolute favorite cookie is a Snickerdoodle.  For me, well, they don't really call my name.  Now, a good chocolate chip cookie?  That is something I can't resist.

We spent the morning being responsible adults.  We went to Farmer's Market and the grocery store.  I made a boat load of spinach pesto and got a pork tenderloin marinating for dinner tonight.  We cleaned the house and did the laundry then had some lunch and declared it was time to relax!  The weather is miserable in the Twin Cities today.  It's cold and rainy.  We've had some really good thunderstorms.  Even the dogs just want to nap this afternoon.  In fact I have one in my lap (well, at least her head) as I type.

We were sitting watching a movie.  I was browsing Pinterest and saw Mr. Ruhlman's Snickerdoodles posted there and decided it was a perfect time to try this recipe.

Here is a link to Michael Ruhlman's blog on this nearly always perfect cookie:  Snickerdoodle:  The Perfect Cookie (Almost Always).

The recipe said it made12 cookies.  I knew  that wouldn't be enough for Dave, so I doubled the batch.  I used a tablespoon scoop and got 44 cookies out of the double batch.  That might last until Monday!

The difference between these cookies and my usual Snickerdoodle recipe is brown sugar.  There's no brown sugar in the recipe I usually use, there is in this one.  I think it definitely makes a difference.

The other difference is how the cookies are assembled.  When I made Snickerdoodles before, I rolled the dough in a ball, then rolled it in the cinnamon sugar before placing it on the cookie sheet.  Mr. Ruhlman puts the cookies on the cookie sheet then smushes them slightly with a wet towel wrapped over a drinking glass.  The cinnamon sugar is then sprinkled over the cookie.  Does this make a difference?  I don't know.  I did one tray by rolling the cookies in the cinnamon sugar just to see.  Honestly, I like the sprinked ones better!  They are less sweet and you really taste the brown sugar which I like.  Even though Dave loves this cookie, I don't think he could tell the difference.

The cookies bake up nicely but the proof is really in the flavor isn't it?  I called my taste tester up to the kitchen to see what he thought.  I'm not the connoisseur he is!  Hey Mikey, he liked them!  Ok, no shock there really but three were missing from the cooling rack before the second tray even came out of the oven.  Since then at least three more disappeared.  He just admitted to having eaten 7 of them!

I have to say I like them better than my other recipe.  The brown sugar makes them less sweet, more caramely (is that a word?) and I have to admit I have had two of them myself!  I'll be replacing my Snickerdoodle recipe with this one in my recipe database.  This is the new gold standard!

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