Ding Dong Cake!

OK who remembers Ding Dongs?  It's that fun treat from Hostess, a chocolate cake filled with white goo then covered in chocolate.  I, apparently, don't remember my Hostess treats very well because I thought the Ding Dongs had the swirly thingy on top.  They don't.  My husband informed me that the swirly thingy was on the Hostess CupCake.

So apparently I made a Hostess CupCake tonight, not a Ding Dong.  I like calling it a Ding Dong better so that's what I'm going to call it!

I start with a yummy chocolate cake.  Sorry Hostess but I think my chocolate cake is better than yours.

It is filled with "fluffy white frosting", my husband's personal favorite, then crumb-coated (or a little better) with chocolate butter cream.

Once that sets I topped the butter cream with a yummy chocolate ganache.  You can use a regular ganache but I prefer a yummy one.  My recipe has two ingredients, chocolate and butter!

Once that sets add the swirly thingy and you have a Ding Dong.... or a CupCake if you're going to be technical.

This one was made for a coworker otherwise I would cut into it so you can see the inside!  Maybe I can convince them to take a picture for me!

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