Banana Bread with a Twist

If you've been watching my Facebook page or reading this blog you now know that I am in love with the Noble Pig blog.  So far I've tried three recipes and have a long list in the queue!

The Chili-Lime Pork Tenderloin was delicious and super easy too.  Last night we tried the Salt and Vinegar Potatoes with Rosemary.  I switched this one up just a little using a Persian lime infused oil from my favorite place, The Olive Grove Olive Oil Company, so they tasted like those yummy "hint of lime" chips Dave and I love so much.  The potatoes were outstanding!  Hmmm... the potatoes with the pork would be even better!

The third recipe I tried was the Banana Bread.  I wanted to eat the picture of this bread on the blog!  The banana bread has blueberries and coconut in it.  I will admit, I'm not a huge coconut fan, but baked in things (rather than on top) it's ok.

According to the blog this is the best banana bread ever.  I'll agree it is good, but I think I'm a purest when it comes to banana bread.  I like to really taste the banana.  Occasionally I'll add some nuts or mini-chocolate chips if I am in the mood for something sweet, but I really like just plain old banana bread.  This was a bit sweeter than my regular banana bread because of the coconut.  Maybe that was it.  Four bananas are split between two loaves of bread.  My recipe calls for three bananas and makes just one loaf, hence the more bananay (is that a word?) flavor.

In any case, it was good and it was easy to put together and it makes two loaves so if you're having a brunch this would be great!  It's beautiful too!

The recipe calls for four very ripe bananas "smooshed up real good".

There are also coarsely chopped toasted walnuts and blueberries.  I used fresh blueberries.  Aren't they pretty?

These yummy bits are added to the batter along with the coconut.

The recipe makes two loaves.  The Noble Pig completely lined their pans with parchment.  I didn't.  I put a little in the bottom of each pan and just sprayed the sides with cooking spray.  I didn't have any sticking issues!

And the finished product is almost like a big blueberry banana muffin!  Oohhhhh... maybe put streusel on top next time?

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