Rhubarb Buckle

It's rhubarb season!  One of Dave's favorite times of the year.  Rhubarb is his favorite pie filling. 

My neighbor brought over a bunch of rhubarb this week.  I had to do something with it and wanted to do something other than a pie.  Don't worry, Dave will get pie!  I saw this recipe for Rhubarb Buckle, where else, on Pinterest.  I pinned it, not noticing at the time that it was a Martha Stewart recipe.

I'm not generally a Martha Stewart fan.  I think she's really arrogant that it rubs me the wrong way.  Seriously you cook and do crafts, you don't cure childhood cancer.  Even her own daughter had a show that revolved around mocking her.  I loved it when little Marjorie Johnson schooled Martha on making pie crust!

Here's a LINK to the recipe.  It's really easy.  I don't know why the directions state to make it in two 9" square pans.  I bet it would work in a 9x13. And I didn't line the pans with parchment so I could easily lift the cakes out for cutting.  Dave doesn't really require that level of presentation!

There are three parts to the recipe, the batter, the rhubarb and the crumble.  The pans are prepared, as I mentioned I left out the parchment step, and the rhubarb is tossed with sugar to macerate for a bit.

Make the batter and put it in the pans.

Top this with rhubarb.

Top with the "crumble" which is just flour, brown sugar and butter.  Next time I might add a little cinnamon and maybe nuts to the crumble.

Bake and serve!  It's better than the last recipe I made which, in my opinion, didn't call for enough rhubarb.  We'll see if Dave likes it better than pie!

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