Nacho Normal Cheesecake!

Yep, it's another fun cake from Food Network Magazine!  This month's issue had a "nacho cheesecake".  How fun is that just in time for the playoffs?

Here's a LINK to the recipe.  They put pictures of each step in the recipe so it's really easy to follow.

The cheesecake is a snap to make, just mix up the cream cheese, sugar, lemon, vanilla, eggs and a little food coloring, pour it into a pie pan and bake.  After about 25 minutes, top with a mixture of sour cream and sugar and bake for another 5 minutes then let it cool completely.

Next is the fun part!  The nacho chips are made from pie crust basted with butter and coated with sugar.  Bake for about 7 minutes then cool.

The toppings are cut up Swedish Fish, black Dots, green licorice and chocolate covered raisins.  Dave and I prefer espresso beans so that's what we used.  Making the black olives was probably the most tricky just because those things are so darn sticky when they are cut up!  I sliced the Dots into three slices then took the middle out of each one with a number 12 pastry tip.  No, I haven't figured out how I'm going to clean that yet!

The Swedish fish are mixed with strawberry jam to look like salsa.  I used a raspberry mango habanero jam.  It is nachos!

Stick the "chips" in the cake and top with fixin's and voila you have nachos!

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