Butternut Woods Farm Grass-fed Highland Beef - YUM!

So we're sitting watching "The Best Thing I Ever Ate - Burgers" on Foodnetwork and I was reminded I didn't tell you all about this great new find!

Dave and I switched over to grass-fed beef a couple of years ago and it is very rare that we buy anything else.  We typically buy Thousand Hills brand because it's easy to find but we've found a new favorite.

Why grass-fed beef?  If you want the long story read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  Don't have time to read the book?  Watch Food Inc., either one will have you considering the switch.  Never mind the "green" reasons to switch to grass-fed, local beef, it's better for you too.  Studies show that grass fed beef is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, and Vitamin E than conventional grain fed beef.

And on top of all that, we just think it tastes better!

Not all grass-fed beef is the same and it does taste different from the corn fed beef you're probably used to.  If you Google grass-fed beef you're going to find people who don't like the taste.  They need to try another grass-fed beef source.  They are not all the same.

A coworker sent me a recipe for avocado burgers thinking it sounded like something I would like to make.  The recipe called specifically for grass-fed beef.  How fortuitous!  I had some!  The burgers were great.  Here's a LINK to my blog about them. 

I let Michelle know how much I liked the recipe and that Dave and I are fans of grass-fed beef.  She let me know that she had a source, Butternut Woods Farm, LLC.  So I found their Facebook page and lucky for me they had a beef offering available.  I started with ground beef but I have a deposit down on more cuts coming this spring.  I wanted to make sure I liked the beef first.

The first thing we made with the beef was plain old burgers.  I wanted to taste the meat.  All I mixed in the beef was bread, milk, salt and pepper.  The bread and milk were necessary because we were going to grill the burgers and I wanted them to stay moist.

This is delicious beef!  I like the flavor profile even better than the Thousand Hills.  Now I can't wait for our spring package that will have steaks and roasts!

If you want to check out Butternut Woods Farm, LLC here's a LINK to their Facebook page.  They are a local Minnesota farm.  We love to buy local especially when the products are this good!

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