Knoke's Grand Opening!

What a thrill!  Dave and I were invited to the "invitation only" grand opening of the new Knoke's Chocolate's in Hudson.  Even cooler, the event landed on my birthday!  Thank you Dave Knoke for the invite and for continuing to make some of the best chocolates we've ever had.  And, of course for making this birthday so much more special.

Earlier yesterday we were at the Galleria in Edina.  I wanted a piece of chocolate after lunch so we stopped at this fancy dancy chocolate shop in the Galleria.  I was expecting fabulous.  It didn't meet my expectations because now everything has to be at least as good as Knoke's.  I totally forgot to mention it at the party last night!

They had great food and a chocolate fountain.  Dave (my Dave, not Dave Knoke) had to try the rice crispie treats dipped in chocolate!  The strawberries were delicious too.  Knoke's rents the fountains out if you're in need of one for a party!  I'm thinking it would be fun for a Sunday brunch?

Knoke's has also expanded into the world of baked goods with the new shop.  They had some adorable cakes on display and yummy cupcakes for us to try. 

As the four or five of you who read my blog know, I bake.  I'm also fussy about baked goods I have "out".  So of course I had to try one of the cupcakes.  How could I not?  I was so not disappointed!  The cake was moist and flavorful and the frosting delicious!  If you need something baked and I'm not available, check out Knoke's you won't be disappointed!  They even do the very putzy cake pops!

If you get a chance, stop by the shop today for their official Grand Opening!  They'll have samples and prizes and Dave (Knoke, not my Dave) tells me there might be some winners in their Golden Ticket contest today!   I've purchased 5 unlucky candy bars already!  I would SO love to win one!  We might just have to stop back at Knoke's today!

If you can't get there today stop by soon.  They have amazing chocolates, a fun variety of other candy, yummy ice cream and now incredible baked goods!  Never mind the always friendly staff!  Can't get to Hudson?  Check them out online at!  They ship anywhere!

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