Barefoot Contessa - Steakhouse Steaks with Roquefort Chive Sauce

OH MY!  These were by far the best steaks I have ever cooked.  Partly, I'm sure, because we splurged and bought good, fresh cut filets mignon rather than cheaper ones, but I'm sure the recipe had a little to do with it!

This was yet another recipe from the Barefoot Contessa's "How Easy is That?" cookbook.  Unlike the Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies which, while easy I'll admit, were quite putzy, this recipe was easy, just plain easy!

I tied and dried the steaks (Julia Child would be proud) then rubbed them all over with the salt and pepper.  They were placed in a very hot cast iron skillet (I love my LeCreuset) and seared on all sides.  I dotted them with butter then put them in a 400 degree oven until they were a perfect medium (neither of us like our meat bloody... ).

The sauce was a snap to make.  Heat the cream until it reduces by half, add the roquefort cheese, chives, salt and pepper and it's done!

I served the steaks with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus (on sale!) sauteed in garlic infused olive oil and finished with an 18-year balsamic.

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Oh, and Dave won't let me get away without informing you that my oven has now been "christened" as he likes to put it.  The cast iron pan with 20 ounces of steak in it was a bit heavier than I anticipated and I brushed my arm against the 400 degree door.  It blistered before I could even get ice on it!  Even with that glitch in the mission, the steaks were outstanding!

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