The Best Home Cookin' - Gasperlin's!

Wow!  What a great dinner!  This restaurant is somewhat hard to get into with the busy schedules of the chef, Todd and sous chef, Tammy but if you can get a seat, what a treat!

The evening started with appetizers.  While the younger crowd enjoyed tasty cheese balls, Chef Todd prepared bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese and guest chef Tim brought stuffed mushrooms for the adults.

There was a great selection of wines including Red Decadence which is a chocolate red wine.  You can really smell and taste the chocolate in this wine!  We were lucky enough to be given a bottle to take home.  Thank you!

Chef Todd prepared a plethora of amazing dishes without breaking a sweat.  All of the dishes were done at the same time and placed on the table hot and steamy which is not always easy to do with so many different dishes.

The Shrimp Scampi Linguini was delicious!  Prepared with the shells on the shrimp for the best flavor!  Then Sous Chef Tammy peeled the shrimp so the guests wouldn't have to!

The second main was Chicken Marsala.  I had enough on my plate so I didn't give this a try but David said it was delicious.  Even Dana, who like me doesn't like mushrooms, thought it was a really good dish.

Sides were garlic mashed potatoes (Dave and I both had second helpings of these) and a perfectly dressed Cesar salad prepared by Sous Chef Tammy.  Lately we've visited a few restaurants where the salad was overdressed.  This one was perfect!

We provided desserts, an orange cake and some yummy hazelnut chocolate cookies.  The cake was made with blood orange infused olive oil and each layer was brushed with Grand Marnier.  The filling was cream cheese and orange zest and the frosting an orange buttercream.  The cake was very rich.  Next time maybe I'll just fill it with orange curd to make it a bit more tart and less rich.

The cookies were delicious, especially with the great wine.  Thank you Barefoot Contessa for the recipe.

We had so much fun.  You can't ask for better company than the Gasperlins, Todd, Tammy, Tim, Dana, Tucker, Thomas, Oscar and that adorable Dolly!  Thank you, thank you!

Now to get that ride to Barker's scheduled!

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