Vegas... epilogue

I hadn't planned on writing any more about my adventures in Vegas but my trip to the airport was just interesting enough I thought I'd do an epilogue.

I had a conference call with the folks back in Minneapolis at 7:30-9.  The next session which I would have attended didn't end until 11:45.  With a 1:40 flight I didn't think that gave me enough time to get to the airport and get through security.  It can be really bad here.

So after my call I found some breakfast, wasted a little time and headed for the airport.  The drive to the airport was completely uneventful, however when we got there, my cab driver got pulled over by a cop.  Apparently his ID was displayed incorrectly.  The driver tried to explain that it wasn't his ID, and he didn't know whose it was. I'm not sure that helped his case as if it wasn't his, where was his?  The nice officer told him to finish up with me and pull over.  I didn't wait to see what happened.

The line outside to check bags was really long so I decided to go inside. First class is a very nice thing.  The line to check my bag, were I not in first class, was really long.  The line for first class passengers was 6 people deep.  Nice.

The line for TSA pre-check was also very short.  My lucky day, maybe I should gamble?  I have to commend McCarran airport TSA.  They held to the pre-check rules.  There was a woman a few people in front of me in line.  She was not pre-check.  Apparently one of her traveling companions was and he thought that since she was "with him" she could go through that line as well.  Nope.  They sent her back through the other line.

So, again very early for my flight, I'm relaxing, if you can really do that, in the airport waiting for my flight.

Some airport observations:
Who buys a Coach purse in an airport?

Why do people talk on their cell phones in airport bathrooms (or any bathroom for that matter)?

Who thought manufacturing sparkly spandex was a good idea? And better yet, who thought buying it was?

Why did I go to Hoover Dam when I could have gone here?

The movie on the flight home was the new Star Wars movie so I watched that.  I highly recommend noise cancelling headphones if you don't already own them.

Lunch options were BBQ chicken sliders or shrimp over orzo. I took a risk and ordered the shrimp and orzo.  There was a chance they could have thought cilantro would be good in that dish.  I lucked out, no cilantro. The shrimp was actually pretty good and the orzo had a nice lemon flavor.

The soup this time tasted a bit like a tortilla soup, again, sans cilantro.

The cookie was a triple chocolate cookie.  I really didn't need to eat it but I did.  It was better than the "molasses" cookie on the way out.

The flight was almost completely uneventful, almost.  As we were on approach a man staggered into the first class section, really staggered.  The two attendants in the front asked him if he was OK.  He didn't seem to know where he was or what he wanted.  They tried to point him to the bathroom but he just stood there.  They continued to ask him if he was OK.  They escorted him back to his seat for landing. He wasn't obnoxious or belligerent, just very unsteady on his feet and didn't seem to know where he was or what he was doing. I don't know if he was just drunk or there was something wrong with him.  He appeared to be traveling alone.

Once we landed one of the guys in first class asked the attendants if they would need any help with him. The flight attendant said he wouldn't be going anywhere tonight, security would meet him at the plane.  And they did.

It was SO good to see Dave!  We stopped at the 5-8 for dinner before heading home.  The kids were very happy to see their mom!

I'm unpacked, laundry has started and Cider is curled up next to me on the couch being coaxed to eat by Dave.  Back to normal!

A cup of tea and then off to bed!  No construction noises tonight! 

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