Vegas... Day 3

3:27AM.  That's when I was awakened to jack-hammering and the beep, beep, beep of a truck backing up.  That went on for about half an hour and about a half an hour after that I feel asleep and woke up to the alarm I set at 5:30.  I also woke up with a scratchy throat and congested.  Great... getting sick? No, it was all over the news how it's really bad allergy season here.  Allergies?  In the desert?!  Seriously?  At least I'm not sick.

I woke up and thought it was Wednesday.  Imagine my disappointment when I realized it was only Tuesday.

This is today's sunrise.  They are beautiful.  I thought the contrails looked pretty this morning.  And I looked up just in time to see the Area 51 plane fly past my window again!  I will catch it tomorrow!

I had meetings with folks back in Minneapolis starting at 8AM then down to the convention center where I sat in windowless rooms until 7PM.  Thought I was going to be done at 5, no such luck, so much for my reservation at Giada at 7 too.  Insert sad face here.

For those of you who think this is really fun and I'm just a complainer, here is one of the rooms I was in today (they all look the same!).  Look closely at this room (you can click on the picture to enlarge it).  See that door over on the left??  We weren't allowed to enter or leave through it.  We had to use a door that was behind me.  All of the tables butted up against the side walls so you had to go down the middle aisle to take a seat. I wonder what the fire marshal would think?  I am guessing they would allow us to use both doors in the event of a fire, though I still think only half of us would make it. I'm sitting near the door in all the rest of my sessions!

Want more excitement? This guy had his finger in his ear the entire hour and 15 minutes of this presentation.  Very distracting. I also got to sit between two heavy smokers and next to someone who chewed her nails the entire time at other sessions.  These are hour and 15 minute sessions folks.

Having to go through the vendor area did have its perks.  Yes I had to listen to pitches for things I have absolutely no influence over whether my employer would every buy, but I did get some swag, a really nice water bottle, a cloth to clean my computer screen, a bag into which I can put all my chargers and a light up blue "diamond" ring!  It's hard to see but it's there between the cloth and the water bottle!

My day finally ended at 6:45 after a session with one of the SAP experts I had hoped would be able to help me fix an issue we are having at work.  She sort of helped.  There was no one there who really knew about the system in which I have the issue, but this person pointed me in a good direction, I think.

I went back up to my room, washed my face, put on a new one and headed out to dinner.  Since I had to cancel my reservation at Giada, I thought I would walk over to Gordon Ramsey's Burgr and get my comparison over with.  It's not quite a mile walk from the hotel.

On the way there I passed two, count 'em two, 24 hour Walgreen's stores.  I planned on hitting one on the way home to see if they could hook me up with some of my allergy meds.

After asking for directions twice (I'm not proud) I finally found the restaurant. I have to note, Planet Hollywood has to be the smokiest of any of the casinos I've had to walk through.  The line at the restaurant wasn't too bad. I was seated in about 20 minutes.

I got a very cool seat right in front of the kitchen.  The place was hopping!

My server, Jay, suggested an appetizer because the burgers would probably take 25 minutes.  Good up-sell Jay! I didn't really need an appetizer, I could have waited the 25 minutes, but I missed lunch again today and the really bad cookie I had at 2pm had worn off so I ordered the hummus.  OH.MY.GOD this was the best hummus I think I've ever had.  I have to find his recipe. There was no way I could finish it and eat a burger but I put a dent in it.

I decided on the American Burger.  It was as close to the burger I had at Burger Bar, beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion, no bacon, crispy or otherwise.  I also ordered the "Just Fries" so I could compare them to Burger Bar. I don't know what I was thinking. There was no way I was eating all that food!

The burger was really good, I mean really good!  Yes better than Hubert Keller's.  It wasn't as big (not a bad thing) but it was juicier and had better flavor. I will say as good as mine, not sure I'll go better.  It's very hard to get better than Butternut Woods Grass-fed Highland beef!

The fries were better than Hubert Keller's too.  They were really good, obviously hand cut and skin on.  My only "beef" with the fries was the ketchup.  They came with two kinds, Chipotle Ketchup and Curry Ketchup.  I wasn't particularly fond of either.  I think I'm a purist when it comes to that condiment, plain old Heinz please. I probably could have asked for it, but I wasn't going to eat that many fries!

I sat next to a really fun "kid" (she was 24) whose mother was here at, of all things, an SAP conference (different from the one in which I am participating).  I shared my fries!  I think I ate 4 of them.  No way I was finishing them.

On the way home I popped into a Walgreen's.  YAY the pharmacy was open.  Double YAY he could fill my prescription.  I had to get a three month's supply but I didn't care.  In two days I'll be feeling human again!

Today I asked myself why a lot.  Why do people bring children to Vegas?  I've seen them from infants to tweens and teens.  Last night, around 9pm, walking back to the hotel from dinner I was behind three girls that could not have been more than 13 or 14.  They were walking the strip, no parents.  Why?  Why bring your 6 or 7 or 8 year old and walk them down the strip at night?  I just don't get that.

Why do people bring their dogs to the strip?  Really, why?

Why would you want to stand around and watch someone play a slot machine?

Why isn't it Friday?

Tomorrow is another full day of conference rooms but I should be done at 6PM instead of 7PM.  I have reservations at Otto at 7:15 and I'm not missing it.  I can't wait.  I'm going to get a pizza this time!

It's been a long day. I'm tired.  I'm going to take an allergy pill which will knock me out, hopefully between being tired and the pill I'll sleep through the construction tonight.

And... tomorrow is Wednesday!

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