Vegas... Day 4

Even after taking my allergy meds I woke up three times, 1:30, 3:30 and 5.  Maybe ear plugs next?

Once again a beautiful sunrise.  I may have to amend my statement that the only thing Vegas has going for it is the restaurants. The sunrises have been pretty spectacular.

I opted for a "look down at the menu" breakfast today.  The special was Banana Cream Pie Pancakes.  No thanks.  I'll have oatmeal.

It was ok oatmeal but honestly I think I'll go back to my yogurt parfait and a banana.  The decaf was better at the little shop where I was picking up my "look up at the menu" breakfast anyway.  Look at the amount of cinnamon they give you!  I wonder how many people dump the whole thing in their oatmeal?  That's a LOT of cinnamon.

I did it!  I got it!  I was diligent this morning and watched for the Area 51 plane taxiing out.  It's a perfectly clear sky here today so the sun was right in my window.  This prevented any in-flight pictures, today at least. I know many, maybe all, of you reading this are thinking "what is the big deal with the Area 51 planes?"  I just think it's cool that a plane-load (maybe more) of people fly off to a "top secret" government installation to work and then get flown back at the end of the day.  Don't you wonder what they really do there?  I want to believe! (wink wink)

On my way into the convention center I saw someone dressed in a lime green suit!  It's not St. Patrick's Day yet.  Is he early?  Who owns a lime green suit?  I will see if I can snag a picture.

I did make it to lunch today and I guess I didn't miss anything yesterday.  Today's lunch was exactly the same as yesterdays, well almost, today was a dried out piece of chicken over unseasoned (I won't even give it under seasoned, there was no seasoning) risotto and vegetables.  I guess yesterday the dry piece of chicken was over couscous.

Dessert was an assortment of mini cupcakes.  To view the assortment you had to wander all the way through the vendor area again. 
Each flavor was on a different table. Someone asked one of the hotel people why they didn't put a few of each kind on each table. The response was they were given "specific instructions" not to do that.  Great for the vendors I guess.  I decided to try one of the carrot cake cupcakes.  The cream cheese frosting was better than I expected.  The little orange balls were crunchy and had an orange flavor.  The cupcake was terrible, one bite and I threw it away.  More room for Otto tonight!

Most of the sessions today were just mind-numbing death by PowerPoint, though in one, I swear one of the Housewives of Somewhere sat next to me.  She was dressed in hot pink stretch pants and a black top that belonged on the strip.  She had really long, meticulously manicured nails, BIG hair and LOTS of perfume.  Not your typical IT person that's for sure.

Never did get a picture of the guy in the green suit.  Maybe he'll wear it again tomorrow for St. Patty's day.

I got desperate about 2:30.  I risked a migraine and had a Diet Coke.

My last session ended at 6pm and my reservation for dinner was 7:15 so I opted for the monorail over walking the two miles to the Venetian.  I've never ridden the monorail before. I must say I prefer it over dodging drunk people for two miles down the strip and back!  More security....

Because I was riding the monorail, not walking the whole way, I wore my sandals.  That turned out to be a bad idea for a couple reasons.

It is about a 10 minute walk from where the Monorail drops off to Otto at the Venetian.  You would think I could handle that walk in my sandals (they have a nice wedge to them, not flats)

Well, I couldn't.  Not tonight anyway.  About half way there I twisted an ankle.  Good news is it wasn't bad.  I didn't fall, thank god. But I was very conscious about how I was walking after that.

I do like the Venetian.  I think it is one of the prettier hotels and it is the home to Otto.  

Dinner started with delicious house made bread with oil and vinegar.  Yummy.

I ordered a simple Margherita Pizza and a nice glass of wine.  It was perfect.  The buffalo mozzarella was so delicious!  I would have loved to sit there and enjoy another glass of wine, but I think I hit a wall today.  I just really wanted to get back to my room.

So I carefully walked back to the Monorail where I had to call Dave (luckily he was up late).  I just needed to talk to him. He's very good at killing the tears when they start.  I am VERY tired.  I haven't had a full night's sleep in three nights and I'm not confident tonight will be much better.  I am SO ready to go home and I have another day and a half to endure here.  I have a call with work back home at 7:30 tomorrow morning, then another full day of presentations.  Black helicopters come take me away!

Oh, and the sandals were a bad idea for another reason. I now have a whopper of a blister on the side of my foot!  Walking shoes from this point forward.

One more day and a wake up....

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