New hot spot, Pedro del Este

It's been over a year since I posted anything.  Hard to believe that much time has gone by! I now have a new job that isn't nearly as insane as the last one and I've had a couple people ask why I'm not writing anymore so I'm going to try to get back to this again.

I couldn't think of a better "get back to blogging" post than our recent visit to Pedro del Este in Hudson, Wisconsin.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the soft opening of Pedro del Este a couple weeks ago.  Pedro del Este is the new sister restaurant to San Pedro Cafe in Hudson, WI.

Based on our experience, they are going to have a line out the door.

The ambiance is wonderful, warm, inviting, comfortable. The place was already packed when we got there. This was only the second night they were open. Our reservation
 was for 6:45. We were seated at 6:47.  We were seated at the beautiful bar (our choice for the bar over a table).

The menu is small plates and craft cocktails. If you like craft cocktails you'll love this  drink menu. 
I had a fantastic Cabernet and Dave tried their craft margaritas. The Cabernet was delicious. Dave enjoyed the margaritas, though honestly I think he prefers a San Pedro Cafe margarita, they are hard to beat (and he's kind of a margarita purest)!

For the soft opening they had a couple different menus available. Our server suggested we order at least three items to share.

We ordered the plantains, pulled pork and prawns. We were given fried chick peas to snack on while we waited for our plates.

There were at least 5 bartenders working in a small space. They navigated it like they had been working together for years.

The plantains were delicious, perfectly fried and served with a smokey, not too hot red pepper sauce. 

The pulled pork was, honestly, the best pulled pork I have ever eaten. It was smokey but not too smokey, tender and full of pork flavor. It was served with potatoes that were crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside and a cilantro puree (if you are into that kind of thing, Dave loved it).

The prawns were perfectly cooked. Did I mention this was only the second night they were open? Did I mention they were HOPPING? And the shrimp was PERFECTLY cooked!

We finished with dessert, a chocolate cake (flourless I think) with blood oranges and the most amazing caramel sauce.

If you are in Hudson you HAVE to try Pedro del Este, if you can get in the door. Trust me, there will be a line!

Congratulations to you, Pete and all the staff!

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