The First Course - French Onion Soup

Just before Thanksgiving I posted the menu for our Thanksgiving dinner.  This is the first year in a long time Dave and I were home and it was just the two of us so I made what we wanted to eat.  That menu started with French onion soup.

We both like French onion soup but I've never made it before.  It was a snap!  Well, after many tears slicing a couple of pounds of onions it was a snap.  Does anyone know if onion goggles really work?  They are on my wish list at Amazon.  Hint.

But I've digressed.  I had planned on blogging about the whole dinner and dinner experience and then I decided that I was going to paint and rearrange furniture in my office over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I'll never do that again!  It's a little room but it sucked up most of the four days off!  Although I must admit as I sit in my new "command center" with the new flatscreen on the wall and the big hulking treadmill out of the way, I kinda like it!

And I've digressed again, the soup, let's get to the soup.

Wait, I have to digress again because I forgot to pick up a little baguette to top the soup at the grocery store.  It was Thanksgiving morning when I realized this but I was not going to go shopping on Thanksgiving!  So I made homemade baguette!  I had time, one of the perks of it just being Dave and I for dinner.

I think I saw this recipe posted by Williams-Sonoma on Facebook, and like so many recipes I pinned it.  Then it was added to the Thanksgiving menu and now I've made it, and I will again.

Here's a link to the recipe:
Williams-Sonoma French Onion Soup

As you can imagine, the preparation starts with thinly slicing a couple of pounds (2 and 1/2 to be exact) of yellow onions.  Thank god for a mandolin!  My eyes were burning and tearing even with the quick slicing with my mandolin.  

The onions are caramelized with just a little butter over about half an hour.  Pretty!

A little flour is added as a thickener, then white wine and beef stock are added along with a bay leaf and some thyme.  Now it's really starting to smell good!

Williams-Sonoma has a picture of the soup in pretty little crocks with a handle.  I'm sure you can buy them at Williams-Sonoma.  I had these little crocks.  I think they worked fine.

I toasted little slices of my homemade baguette and topped each crock of soup with two.  To this shredded Gruyere cheese is added.  We love Gruyere.  We just wish it was cheaper!  (Oops I forgot to take a before picture with the cheese!  But I bet you get the picture!)

Under the broiler they went until the cheese was all melty.  I know, there isn't cheese oozing off the edges of the crock.  I hate trying to get that cleaned off!  And I wanted to eat every morsel of the cheese!

Dave and I agreed it was a pretty good start to our Thanksgiving meal.

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