Sunrise Creative Gourmet - Butternut Squash Ravioli!

Dave is out of town all week.  I knew this and I prepared!  This past weekend we stopped in at the Sunrise Creative Gourmet store on Pierce Butler in St. Paul.  When Dave is gone I usually just eat a lot of poached eggs for dinner.  I don't really like cooking for one.  I thought Dave's trip would be a great excuse for me to try some of their frozen pastas and sauces.  We already know we love the Lasagnetta!

If you know me, you know I generally make my own pasta.  My Grandma Cicero taught me how.  It's not hard, just takes time, something I haven't had much of lately!

Here's a link to some crab and goat cheese ravioli I made.  There's a picture of my Grandma Cicero in it!  I usually just make my Grandmother's recipe for dough and filling, a traditional ricotta cheese filling, though I do make some yummy butternut squash ravioli too.
Crab and Goat Cheese Ravioli

Tonight I decided to try the Sunrise Creative Gourmet butternut squash ravioli.  I was curious if it was as good as mine and I had already decided how I was going to prepare it, browned butter and walnuts!

Check out the ingredients.  Not a lot of junk you don't need or want, just good ingredients you can actually pronounce! 

I started by getting some squash roasting in the oven.  Once that started I got the water boiling and added the ravioli.  You get a really good sized serving, 7 ravioli!

While the ravioli were cooking I toasted some pecans, then browned a little butter.

I tossed the cooked ravioli in the browned butter, added the walnuts, the roasted squash, a little fresh sage and some freshly grated Parmesan cheese.  Doesn't it just look delicious?  How can you go wrong with browned butter?

But how did they taste?  Were they as good as mine?  I have to admit they were very, very good.  As good as mine, I won't give them better (just can't do that) but they were very good.  There was plenty of squash in each ravioli and it was firm and very well seasoned.  The pasta itself had a perfect bite and there were no leakers!  I usually have at least one of my ravioli explode on me.  the only bummer, my dish washer is in Rapid City!

I think we will definitely be stocking these in our freezer.  This was a super simple and simply delicious dinner and with my busy schedule that's what I need!

You want some too?  Stop by the shop at 865 Pierce Butler in St. Paul or shop online and have the ravioli shipped to you!


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