Sunrise Creative Gourmet - Gnocchi and Parmesan Sage Sauce

It's day three of my Sunrise Creative Gourmet dinners.  Yesterday was supposed to be day three but a little issue with a furnace that wasn't working sort of took up my evening and I never did get around to dinner!

Tonight's products, traditional gnocchi and Parmesan Sage Sauce.

I love gnocchi!  I've made it twice, once a recipe from Chef Peter Janiak from Segehsio vineyards and another pumpkin gnocchi I found on Pinterest I think.

Sheep's Milk Ricotta Gnocchi
Pumpkin Gnocchi

I'm very tired today.  It's been a long week with Dave gone, very busy at work, logging in each evening to try and keep my head above water, broken garage door opener on Tuesday and then last night a furnace that didn't want to stay lit.  Let me repeat, I'm very tired.  I was so happy I had left this very easy dinner for tonight.

I started some water boiling, like the lemon pepper linguini and the butternut squash ravioli, the gnocchi don't take long to cook.  I browned up a chicken breast from Otis Family Farm.  Isn't that pretty?

When the chicken was almost done I threw the gnocchi in the boiling water.  I removed my chicken from the pan and kept it warm for the couple minutes the rest of the meal was going to take.  I threw some asparagus in the pan and let it get warm, then added some of the Parmesan Sage Sauce, the cooked gnocchi and a little of the water I cooked the gnocchi in.  I just let that saute for a couple of minutes before plating it and topping it with that beautiful chicken breast.

How was it?  The gnocchi had perfect texture.  It was firm but melted in my mouth.  It wasn't grainy or tough.  In a word perfect. I forgot to taste one before I added the sauce (I'm tired) but I'm sure if there was something off about them I would have tasted it.  The Parmesan Sage Sauce was also very good.  The sauce lives up to the "rich and creamy" on the label as well.  It coated the gnocchi nicely and was definitely creamy!   have to admit to not tasting a lot of sage, but what I did taste was the pepper.  It wasn't an overwhelming pepper flavor, but just enough to give the sauce a nice little kick.  I really enjoyed it! 


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