Chicken Pot Pie Soup

I like chicken pot pie.  I never make it because to make it "right" you need heavy cream and a lard crust and my hips don't really need anymore heavy cream or lard!  So when I saw this recipe from SkinnyTaste I decided to try it.  I thought it would be a perfect thing to make that would be easy to throw in my lunch for work.

This recipe is very simple!  Here's a LINK.

The soup is started by simmering milk and a little water.  To this chopped celery, onions and mushrooms (I left those out, I don't like mushrooms!) and a bag of frozen vegetables are added along with a little chicken bouillon, pepper and thyme.  I found this great medley of asparagus, corn and baby carrots!

Once the veggies are soft, two chopped potatoes are added and the soup simmers some more.  Finally the chicken is added with salt and pepper to taste.  The recipe calls for a pound of cooked chicken breast and even suggests poaching raw chicken in water for 15 minutes if you don't have cooked chicken (yuck!).  I was lazy and didn't want to throw some on the grill (which is how I would probably cook the chicken if I wasn't being lazy) and just bought a rotisserie chicken and used that.  Simple.

The soup is then thickened with a mixture of flour and water and viola, chicken pot pie soup!  I served it with a little sourdough bread.

This soup is easy and delicious and filling!  A cup was plenty.  I think the rotisserie chicken added great flavor.  I have enough for an entire week's worth of lunches which is even better!  What would I do differently next time?  Well, I'd use the same bag of mixed veggies but add more baby carrots.  Oh and peas!  It needs peas!  I'm also thinking that pearl onions would be fun rather than chopping regular onions!

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