It's definitely fall this weekend.  The leaf colors are vibrant, it's cool and sunny and the perfect day to make applesauce.

I picked up a couple of small bags of "seconds" from Farmer's Market yesterday.   There's no reason to use picture perfect apples in applesauce and seconds are so much cheaper.

I don't think I've made applesauce since I was a kid helping mom and I only have vague recollections of those times.  I think it was because we canned everything under the sun and it all blends together.

I peeled, cored and cut up a bunch of apples.  I didn't weigh them or anything, it was just a bunch.  Since the only ingredient in my applesauce is apples, I didn't really have to worry about how many apples I had, just the number of jars I had cleaned.   I made sure I had extra.  This is the icky part.  I hate peeling apples.  It's a tedious chore, thank god for the Packer game on TV.  I could get my frustrations out on the apples!

I cooked the apples in a little water for maybe 15 minutes, just until they are tender.  Now the fun part!  I bought something a while back, I don't remember what it was, some kitchen gadget I'm sure, and with that purchase I received a free meat grinder attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer!  So instead of using a potato masher, my food processor or my stick blender (I don't own an actual blender) I could use my Kitchenaid to make sauce of my apples!

This was so slick!  Drop the apples on top, out comes perfect applesauce!

So now I want another gadget.  Kitchenaid actually makes a Fruit and Vegetable Strainer that attaches to the food grinder attachment.  With this little toy I won't thave to peel the apples, just core them.  Christmas is coming!  Just sayin'!

I was able to fill 6 pint jars.  Three have  plain old applesauce and to the other three I added a little cinnamon.

I'm thinking pork chops for dinner tomorrow.

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