White Chocolate Cinnamon Pretzels

These are so addicting!  I had a five hour meeting at work today.  Five hour meetings should be banned, especially when the topic is foreign exchange as it relates to financial consolidations!  If I'm going to be stuck in a room for five hours, I'm bringing snacks!  I brought pumpkin doughnuts and these delightful little snacks.

These were yet another Pinterest find.  Here is the LINK to the recipe.

Here's what you do.  Mix up some oil, sugar and cinnamon.  Get yourself a 16 ounce bag of pretzels and dump them in a microwave save bowl.  The recipe used the hatched ones so I did too.  I obviously need a bigger microwave safe bowl!  Batches?  Who wants to do batches?


Toss the pretzels with the oil/sugar/cinnamon mixture and microwave for a minute.  Toss and microwave for another 45 seconds.

Spread the warm pretzels on baking sheets covered with parchment and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon sugar.  The recipe didn't specifically state the ratio of cinnamon to sugar for the sprinkling sugar.  I like one tablespoon of cinnamon to each 1/4 cup of sugar so that's what I used.

Finally drizzle the pretzels with melted white chocolate chips or white bark.  I used Ghirardelli white chocolate baking bar.  You will want to keep the drizzle as light as possible (meaning no big glops) so it will stick to the pretzels and not just fall off when you put them in a bowl.  Of course that's assuming you don't eat them all before you have time to put them in a bowl!

I think butter would work just as well as oil if you prefer that!

These are so simple to make I know I'll make them again.  What a great party snack?  And I'm thinking I can add a little color to the white chocolate and make them for any occasion, red, white and green for Christmas, maybe orange for Halloween!

Oh, and my coworkers loved them too!

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