Oh My God the BEST Salmon Burgers ever!

My plan for tonight was another recipe by the Noble Pig, Salmon Burgers with Spicy Hoisen Mayo.  Maybe it was the great pictures in the Noble Pig blog (check them out, her kids caught the salmon she used!).  Maybe it was the mayo with Sriracha, I'm not sure but I knew I wanted to try this recipe!

Why I decided I wanted to make them on a night I knew I would be home late from work I don't know. Oh and did I mention I decided I was going to make homemade mayo too?

We don't eat much mayonnaise in our house.  If a recipe calls for it I buy a jar then throw it away months later when it is out of date. So I decided to try and make it.  I only needed 3 tablespoons for crying out loud.  It had to be cheaper to make it right?

So I consulted Mr. Ruhlman's recipe and made mayo!  It's really pretty easy and you get a good upper body work out too.  Probably a good thing since you'll be eating mayonnaise, right?

The ingredients are simple, an egg yolk, some salt, some lemon juice and oil.

I will admit that I tried to speed through this and put it all in my little immersion blender jar and tried to slowly pour oil in as I blended, ignoring Mr. Ruhlman's instruction to use a large bowl and to steady it with a towel!  As a result, my first batch was a gloppy, soupy mess which left me with dirty dishes, vegetable oil all over my counter and no mayonnaise!

So I started over with a large bowl, a towel to steady it and a whisk!  A few minutes later I had mayonnaise!

On to the salmon burgers!

First step is to pickle cucumbers.  This was so stinkin' easy I'm going to do this much more often!  The pickles are crunchy, sweet and have just a hint of heat.  I can't wait to try them on a tuna sammich (made with homemade mayo of course!).  Sugar, water, vinegar, garlic, crushed red pepper, and ginger are brought to a boil.  Off the heat the cucumber slices are added and they sit for 30 minutes. 

Next step, mix up the Spicy Hoisin Mayo!  It's a simple mixture of mayonnaise, hoisin sauce, lemon juice, and Sriracha sauce.  Delicious!  A little earthy, a little sour, a little heat, makes it a perfect condiment!

And then put together the burgers.  Again, pretty simple, just mix up bread crumbs, green onions, soy sauce, ginger, lime zest and salmon!  Make this yummy mixture into patties and cook them in a heavy cast iron pan!  Ok, you can cook them in whatever pan you want but the recipe called for a heavy cast iron pan and I just love mine so that's what I used.  Do these not look delicious!

And here's dinner!  Noble Pig salmon burgers with spicy hoisin sauce and pickles on homemade buns with a side of braised lentils and a few extra pickles!  These are honestly the best salmon burgers I have ever had.  One bite in I was hooked.  There was just enough ginger for a little bite, the lemon and lime zest for brightness and that yummy salmon.  The burger is topped off with the spicy mayo and pickles and the combination, well, it's something I've never had before!  To quote one of Dave's friends, these burgers are "restauranty"... meaning good enough to serve to strangers!

Thank you Noble Pig!  This one was simply awesome!

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