Japanese Burgers with Wasabi Ketchup

I signed up for emails from Tasting Table and they are some of the few subscription emails I actually read.  If you're not signed up for them, give them a try!  They will fill your inbox with reviews of restaurants, great new ingredients, kitchen gadgets and recipes.

This one sparked my interest.  Wasabi ketchup?  That sounded good!

You can find the recipe HERE.

First you make the wasabi ketchup.  Pretty simple, mix ketchup, soy sauce and wasabi paste!

Next, the burgers.  I mix bread and milk in all of my burgers to help keep them moist on the grill.  This recipe called for mixing the milk with panko breadcrumbs.  The burgers were half ground sirloin, half ground pork, seasoned with white onion, black pepper, soy sauce, salt and the on very interesting ingredient, sesame oil!

The sesame oil is only rubbed on the surface of the burgers.  I don't know if it was just the strong aroma or if I really did taste the sesame oil in the burgers.

I served the burgers with some yummy lemon potatoes (See my May 7th post) and corn on the cob.  I skipped the butter and salt and just coated my corn with a little tuscan herb EVOO from the Olive Grove Olive Oil Company.  So good!

The verdict on the burgers?  Well, I really like the wasabi ketchup!  It's not too hot but has just enough of the wasabi flavor.  It would be good on any burger!

The burgers, well, they were very juicy.  They just melted in your mouth, but I didn't think they had a whole lot of flavor.  They really needed the ketchup.  So would I make them again?  Probably not.  But I will make the ketchup again!

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