If you're like me you love cookbooks.  You have to have new cookbooks even if there's just one recipe in it that you want.  Sometimes I get lucky, like with the Barefoot Contessa's How Easy Is That cookbook where I've tried many of the recipes and they were all wonderful!  Sometimes I'm not so lucky and even the one recipe I thought I'd love turns out to be something I don't care for.

In a recent email from Tasting Table (if you haven't signed up I highly recommend it!) they highlighted a new website that reviews cookbooks, The Cookbook Blog.  The blog is well written with beautiful pictures of the recipes reviewed.  There is a "monthly favorite" recipe as well.  The editors look through all of the recipes from the previous month and post their favorites.  I can see myself spending lots of time on this site!

The editor of the site is Noah Galuten.  He is a food writer for things like LA Weekly food blog Squid Ink and Los Angeles Magazine. He started his career with the food blog Man Bites World, in which he tried to eat the food of a different country, every single day, for as long as he possibly could.  If you want to see Noah’s personal website, on which he posts almost nothing, visit

Looking to review your own cookbooks and recipes?  Well then I have another site for you!  It's called and you'll find some of my reviews out there!  It's another great website.  The difference between this one and The Cookbook Blog is that it is populated with reviews by folks like you and me.  Not "professional" bloggers or chefs, just everyday cooks who want to try out new cookbooks and recipes.

Check them both out!

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