Banana Ice Cream - No Ice Cream Maker Needed!

I'd seen this "recipe" floating around the web on sites like Skinnytaste and Pinterest.  I happened to have a few very ripe bananas and decided to see for myself if you can really make ice cream from bananas, and just bananas.

For those of you who like recipes with few ingredients, this one's for you.  There's one ingredient, bananas.  There's also just one piece of kitchen equipment required, a food processor or blender.  Well, I guess there's one more if you count the cookie sheet!

And, if you know someone with a dairy allergy this is a perfect ice cream treat!

So here's what you do.  First, cut the bananas in about inch chunks.  Place them on a parchment lined cookie sheet and put them in the freezer for several hours.  Mine were in the freezer overnight because I didn't get to making the ice cream the night I intended!

Place the frozen banana pieces in your food processor or blender.  I've read several accounts from people who have made this and though it will work in a blender, it appears a food process or makes it a little easier to scrape things down.  The bananas do get sticky before they magically become ice cream.

Process.  It will look like it's not going to work.  The bananas will just become crumbly.  Don't worry, have patience, in about 3 minutes you will have ice cream!

It really does look, feel and taste like ice cream.  I served it to my husband and he said "and cream".  And I said, no, just bananas!

I love that I have a way to use up ripe bananas other than banana bread!  Drizzled with a little dark chocolate sauce and some toasted pecans you have a great dessert!

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