My Bella Copper Diffusers from Open Sky

So have you heard of Open Sky?  I almost wish I hadn't.  Like Pinterest it's become an obsession and unlike Pinterest it's a shopping site!

I heard of Open Sky through Tasting Table.  Open Sky's mission is to give people a different way to shop by allowing you to design your own shopping site.  How scary is that?

They have recruited 80 of what they think are the best people in food, style, healthy living, kids and home. You "connect" to the people and  then shop their "collections."

I signed up, looked around a little, didn't find anything immediately interesting and then didn't think much about it.  Then they started sending me emails with these really cool things in them.  Then I started browsing the "collections" from folks like Bobby Flay, Michael Ruhlman and Jacques Torres.  And then the boxes started arriving at the house!

I had to buy Michael Ruhlman's "Bad Ass Perforated Spoon."  Yes, that's really what it's called!  I love it!  It's deeper than my other perforated spoon so it makes easy work of scooping whatever solid out of whatever liquid!  It's heavy stainless steel so into the dishwasher it can go.

My 15 year old cutting board is getting a bit warped so I ordered a new one out of Tom Colicchio's collection.  I'm still waiting for that box to arrive.

I found a couple of cool non-food related things as well (shocking I know!). 

The toy that arrived today I didn't think I needed.  I got the email from Open Sky advertising these copper diffusers being pitched by Ted Allen.  I watched his video where he talked about "when you have a large commercial range like I do" it's hard to heat small pots.  Yea, well, I don't have a large commercial range so I didn't think I really needed these.

Then I went home and made gravy.  I make gravy in a small pot on my regular old Kitchenaid range.  I realized that, like with Ted Allen's large commercial range, the flame was hitting just the edges of my small pot.  My hand was getting hot because the flames were heating me, not the pot.  Hmmmm... maybe I do need copper diffusers!

So I ordered two.  I wasn't sure which size I would like so I got both the 6-inch and 8-inch diffusers.  I'll admit I now wish I had gotten the 8-inch and 10-inch.  I may go back for the 10-inch!

Here's a link to Ted's video:  LINK

They arrived today and as luck would have it, I had to make a batch of lemon curd.  I make my lemon curd in the very same small pot I make my gravy.  Sweet!  I could try out my diffusers!

Here's my little pot over my regular sized burner.   You can see the flames go around the edges of the pot.  And yes, my sauces always had to be stirred constantly or the edges would get thicker than the middle.

With the diffuser, the heat is distributed evenly under the pot.

The result?  No hot spots in my pot!  And something I didn't expect.  My lemon curd was a lot smoother!  The even heat really makes a difference!

So I'm sold, both on Open Sky and on these great diffusers. 

Oh and it's not just cooking stuff.  I ordered a very cool Spibelt for walking.  I don't have pockets in my shorts so I always end up with a fanny pack to carry my epi pen and phone.  This is much smaller and if it works for running it should be just fine for walking!  That box hasn't arrived yet either!

If you haven't checked out Open Sky I encourage it!  If you think you want to sign up let me know.  I get credit for any of my friends that join!


  1. I love open sky, but you should have gotten the boos board I offer.

    I'm dying to buy that copper diffuser. you just made it really hard not to!


  2. The real Ruhlman? Or am I punked by one of my friends?

    Either way I did some research on the Boos Board and guess what? It's the same size as my current board (and even an inch thicker which I think I'll like) and the Bobby Flay one is 3" shorter. Bobby's is teak (pretty!), Boos one is maple (more maintenance?). So I took advantage of the $1 shipping today and, well, there will be a cutting board throw down in my kichen when they arrive!

  3. yep, the real ruhlman, insofar as any of us are real!

  4. Oops... the other board I ordered was from Tom Colicchio's collection, not Bobby Flay.


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