Who doesn't love leftovers?  Well, me, sometimes.  It depends on the leftovers.  Tonight was one of those good leftover nights!

Saturday night I made a new recipe, crab and goat cheese ravioli.  I made the pasta fresh and had a little leftover from the raviolis that I stuck in the frig.  Tonight I pulled out my fun Kitchenaid pasta extruder and made some fusilli!  There is nothing better than fresh pasta and Kitchenaid makes it so easy to make fun pasta.

I had some leftover basil from Saturday night's dinner too so I made pesto.  I love pesto!  It goes together in a snap, keeps in the freezer for a good long time and is great on almost anything!

I also had all of the ingredients left to make that incredibly yummy Caesar salad by Alex Guarnaschelli.  I still can't get over how yummy the fried capers are!

I added a little sauteed asparagus and grilled shrimp to the pasta with pesto, heated up some leftover homemade bread and served it with the salad.  Yep, I love leftovers.  And even better, there's enough pasta left for lunch tomorrow!  Leftover leftovers!

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