Gotta Blog about Snappy Dog... again!

I've mentioned Snappy Dog salsa before.  I've mentioned how in our house the jar is a single serving (well double, the two of us can down one in one day!).  It's the only cooked salsa we buy.  Now they've got a new variety and it is so good!

Dave and I found ourselves with a little unexpected free time on Saturday morning so we hit Farmer's Market.  Again, I bought way more than I had intended to.  My plan was a bag or two of Sunrise Gourmet Pasta and see what other goodies were available.  I won't get into that again.  Yes, I need some sort of program!

Snappy Dog was there and to our surprise they had a flavor we had not yet tried, rhubarb!  We tried.  We liked.  We opened a bottle tonight to "tide us over" until the pork tenderloin, potatoes and asparagus are done.  Yea, single serving.

I highly recommend you seek out some Snappy Dog salsa.  We like the hot variety.  The extra hot is too hot, even for us.  We now really like the rhubarb too and will be snapping up (pun intended!) a few more jars of that!  Oh and mix a jar up with some avocado for some amazing guac! 

You can buy Snappy Dog at the St. Paul Farmer's Market and I know they carry some of the varieties at Byerly's.  For a full list of stores that carry it go HERE.  You can also order online but why do that when you can go to Farmer's Market?!

Ok, I better go check on dinner....


  1. where can you buy the rhubarb salsa? having trouble finding it. need it for christmas presents

  2. Here's a list from the SD web-site:

    Brines Market
    Byerly’s (various locations)
    Crickets Bar & Grill (Amery)
    Dicks Fresh Market (Amery and Osceola)
    Festival Foods (all locations)
    Fresh and Natural Foods
    Golden Fig Fine Foods (St. Paul)
    Hilltop Meats (Mankato)
    Hudson County Market
    Jerry’s Foods (all locations)
    Kortes Super Market
    Kowalski’s Market (all locations)
    Lake Winds Natural Foods
    Lanesboro Local
    Linden Hills Coop
    Locals Seasonal Market
    Lunds & Byerly’s (all locations)
    Mississippi Markets (all locations)
    St. Paul Indoor Farmer’s Market
    (Saturdays in Golden’s Deli)
    Valley Natural Foods
    Whole Foods Market (St. Paul & Minneapolis)
    Widmer’s Super Market (St. Paul)

  3. I get it at the St. Paul Farmers Market. They may have that variety at the local Byerly's.


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