Mmmm Curried Sweet Potato Soup!

It's soup season!  I love soup.  It's an easy lunch to pack.  It fills me up.  And most importantly it warms me up.  I'm always cold!  

This soup sounded amazing. AND... I just purchased a new blender and I wanted to use it. Yes, find a recipe to match the gadget!  

I've been "blenderless" for years.  I do have a stick blender and it works fine most of the time but when you want a really good puree or you are in a hurry, well, you need a blender!  I did some research and decided I didn't need the $400 Vitamix but I was willing to shell over $200 for the Breville Hemisphere.  Isn't it pretty?

OK, the soup.  Here is a link to the recipe:
Curried Sweet Potato Soup

This recipe appealed to me for several reasons.  I love sweet potatoes and it was going to have a good kick!

It called for poblano peppers which, luckily are getting more and more easily found.  I found this beauty (along with a few more) at my local farmer's market.  While the sweet potatoes are baking I "roasted" the pepper.  This can be done under the broiler or over an open flame.  I picked.... open flame of course!

Once the pepper is well roasted it is steamed in a plastic bag to make it easier for the skin to come off.

While all that was happening I sauteed a very aromatic mixture of onions (yes, I needed my goggles), curry paste, ginger, cayenne pepper and once cooled and chopped, the poblano pepper.  This smelled SO good!

After the onions are softened the potatoes (now baked, cooled a little and chopped in big pieces) are added along with a little vegetable stock.  I used up the last of my homemade stock so I will have to make more soon!

After about 20 minutes it's time to puree the soup.  Now the recipe said to leave some chunks and normally I would do just that?  What's better in potato soup than a nice chunk of potato!  But I had my new blender and I wanted a puree!

The Breville did a fantastic job!

Now I had been tasting all along to check for salt level so I knew this soup had more than just a little kick.  The recipe says to garnish with swirls of chili paste, yogurt, parsley and spicy Hungarian paprika.  I opted for just a little sour cream this time.  Next time I'm going to add the paprika.  I have some in the house, a smoky variety that I think will go deliciously with this soup!

P.S.  I LOVE the blender!  Not only because it did a bang up job on this soup.  It is INCREDIBLY easy to clean!  No removing the blade or washers that just end up getting yucky.  It's all one piece.  What to make next.....

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