Well, since I'm blogging let's do two entries tonight!  This one has been waiting in the wings for months!

If you know me, you know I like gadgets.  Sorry Alton Brown, I do own some "uni-taskers" but what would be the fun if I didn't.  Have you read about my $35 garlic press?  I still use it and I still love it! 

So when I saw the "Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer" I had to have one!

I saw all of the veggies on the box and figured they would work just fine but there was also a picture of a strawberry on the box.  Yes, a strawberry.  I had to try it.

So I put the strawberry on backwards the first time....

When I put it on the "right" way, I got much better results.  Aren't these pretty ribbons?  They looked so good on my pancakes!

I didn't have much luck with carrots.  I think my carrots were too skinny.  I think I'll stick to grating them or slicing them into matchsticks.

 Zucchini, well that's the perfect veggie for this little toy.  Look at these pretty ribbons!

I've since made "zucchini spaghetti."  I tossed the "spaghetti" with a little olive oil and sauteed it in a pan then tossed it with a little homemade spinach pesto.  The zucchini had great texture and the flavor wasn't lost in the pesto.  It was just like eating spaghetti but without all the calories and I didn't even miss them!

Then there were potatoes!  What do you think when you look at these?  Hash browns right?!

I put a little oil in the pan then a little of this divine Four Daughters Whipped Butter, the Caramelized Bourbon Onion and Smoked Salt flavor, then the potatoes and crisped them up and topped them with a poached egg.

So very delicious!

I use this "toy" a lot, especially with the fresh veggies from Farmer's Market this summer.  I would definitely recommend getting one if you are thinking about it.  But be careful... the blades are SHARP.  I know from experience!

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