Garject - The Story of My $35 Garlic Press

Yes, I'm subject to marketing.  I'll admit that, especially when it comes to kitchen stuff.  So when in one of the many email lists I'm on sent me propaganda on the Garject.  Well, I just had to have it!

Did I need a $35 garlic press?  No.  I don't even press all that much garlic.  I usually either use it whole, slice or chop it.  But there is the occasional recipe, like my bolognese recipe, where pressed garlic is called for.  The bolognese recipe calls for a full 1/4 cup of pressed garlic!

But this was so cool!  Press.  Scrape.  Eject.  How could you not want something so cool?

Check out the video.  Garject Garlic Press Video

So I ordered it.  It had to come all the way from Australia.  If I could have found a way requiring that I go pick it up I would have, but that's just not in the budget.  Certainly not when I'm spending $35 on a garlic press!

The first question Dave asked when I told him I had ordered this very cool thing (and made him watch the video, he was underwhelmed) was "and how much was shipping"?  Well smarty pants, shipping was free!

So I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And yesterday my patience was rewarded my Garject arrived in the mail!

My first impressions were really good.  It's heavy!  Nearly twice the weight of my current garlic press (from Pampered Chef which currently retails for $16.50).

It's also longer than the Pampered Chef one.  Does this make a difference?  I don't know.  I never felt like I needed a ton of leverage to squish some garlic but you never know.

Ok, so how does it work?  I filled it with a large, unpeeled garlic clove.  I don't peel garlic I press through my old press so not having to peel isn't an advantage.

Then I pressed!

Just like my old press the garlic came out in little pieces.  Ok, now on to the really cool stuff!  The scraping of the bits into my bowl without use of another utensil!  I couldn't wait!

It scraped just as advertised!

And then it stuck right to the scraper and didn't land in my bowl.  Maybe I didn't fill it full enough?  Maybe i had fresher garlic than was used in the video? Disappointment started to set in.

But wait!  There was one more feature left to evaluate!  The flipping of the garlic skin right out of the reservoir.  Would this redeem my very cool gadget?

It worked!  Scooped the skins right out.  No need to use my finger!  Of course it stuck to the little flipper thing a little but better there than in the press itself.

So was it worth it?  I'll be honest probably not.  But it is much easier to clean than the Pampered Chef one (one piece cleaner rather than having to find the little plastic thing that came with the PC press) and it does still have the "cool" factor in my mind!

And Dave got roasted garlic potatoes with his omelet this morning!

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