Easter Basket Cake

I made a lot of these this year.  Fourteen of them to be exact!  They were part of my Breast Cancer 3-Day fundraising and they were very popular.

Some were done with the "Kit Kat frosting" like this one.

Others wanted the woven frosting.  A very good friend didn't believe me when I told her it was easy to get the basket weave lookShe's a pretty good cook and baker so I know she can do it!  SG this is for you!

I had one more to do for someone celebrating Easter a little later with her family so I took pictures as I went.

I always crumb coat the cake first.  That way if there are any little gaps in the frosting, it's still frosting underneath!

For the basket weave I use Wilton tip 1D which requires a large coupler.  You can use a #47, and I have, it will just take you a lot longer!  With so many cakes to make, I opted for the bigger tip.

To start just pipe a straight line up the side of the cake.

Next, pipe across this line, leaving a gap the size of the tip in between.

Next pipe another vertical stripe.

To make the "basket weave" pipe horizontal stripes in the gaps from the first row.

Continue this all around the cake.

I finish mine with one row around the top.

Next the grass!  This year, again because I had so many to do, I opted for Wilton tip 234 which also requires the large coupler.  You can also use a #233, but again, it will take you longer.

Once the grass is done all there is left to do is cover the cake with fun Easter candy!  Simple!        



  1. Umm, you sold me on Kit Kat frosting. For real?! I want one so bad I can taste it. Let's talk when you visit The Olive Grove next! Natalie Jaeger :)

  2. Natalie, will you be working Tuesday afternoon? I have yoga at Green Lotus and could stop by before, around 3:30? I'd LOVE to make you a cake! By the way, I sent a bottle of the mushroom and sage oil home with a friend visiting from Chicago! He said it smelled like Thanksgiving in a bottle!


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