Brunch by Alex Guarnachelli

A couple of days ago I blogged about dinner by Alex Guarnachelli.  Oh the memories of those amazing Mashed Potatoes Chantilly!  If you missed that post click HERE and you can read all about the blackened salmon, mashed potatoes chantilly and roasted brussels sprouts.

But now it's Sunday morning.  I've had this Sunday morning planned since my copy of Old-School Comfort Food arrived early last week.  I immediately read the whole cookbook and knew what I was making for Sunday brunch, Spice-Rubbed Bacon, Omelet with Fried Sage and Gruyere and Cinnamon Sourdough Pancakes.  We got all of our errands run yesterday so we could be lazy today.  Lazy started with this brunch.

Here are links to the recipes:
Cinnamon Sourdough Pancakes
Spice Rubbed Bacon - note, the method of cooking the bacon is different in this post than in her book but the recipe is the same.  I think I prefer the oven method over the skillet.  If you want to see how that's done, go HERE.
Omelet with Gruyere and Fried Sage

Now on to the fun stuff!  Let's start with the pancakes because they started last night.  In the cookbook Alex suggests to make this batter the night before and leave it in the refrigerator.  Was I amazed at how it grew overnight!  Which reminds me I need to feed my sourdough starter today.

To this mixture some eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, allspice and salt are added and you're ready to make pancakes.  I think my batter may have been a titch too loose, but I was making bacon and an omelet at the same time so I let it be.  The pancakes still turned out beautiful and delightfully delicious.

The bacon, well you've seen how the bacon is made.  While I was starting the pancakes the bacon was already in the oven.  The aroma was filling the kitchen and making me hungry!

I did have an oops with the bacon.  This is because I don't have a kitchen the size of my brother and sister-in-laws and I didn't have a good place to set down the hot sheet with the bacon on it.  It slipped and all my delicious bacon ended up on the floor!  No worries!  It was just Dave and I.  "Kiss it up to god" as we said when we were kids.  Or if you prefer the simpler five second rule, that works too.  I wasn't pitching this bacon!

The omelet was simple!  

First fry the sage in a little oil then let them cool on some paper towels.  There is almost nothing better than fried sage leaves.  I love them in pasta or tossed with some spaghetti squash.  Sage is one of my favorite herbs.

Eggs whisked with a little water and salt are cooked until just about set.  To this gruyere and the fried sage are added and the omelet is folded.  My husband said "Perkins would be proud of this omelet."  I looked at him funny.  Perkins has nothing on my omelet!  Then he said "Perfectly rolled."  Ok, he's forgiven.

So this was brunch.  I'm completely stuffed.  It was all so very good.  The omelet and the pancakes were delicious but the bacon, dropped on the floor and all, was the star for me.  I love that bacon!

The kitchen was a disaster after all that but my lovely husband agreed to clean up all my mess!

Oh and I'll stop stalking Alex Guranachelli for a little bit.  Tonight's dinner is from my new cookbook from Curtis Stone!  I have about a hundred recipes flagged in that book too!

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